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I’m against the war, and I adopted a soldier

Whether we like the war or not, war is happening. We have brave men and women willing to fight in it for their own reasons. It makes me angry that so many of our young people are being sent to be hurt or killed for what I consider an unwinnable cause. But I don’t think any of this means we should support our troops any less.

Put yourself out there: How to become a penpal

I got the idea to start looking for penpals after reviewing the offbeat hobbies post. Someone said they wrote to the Amish. That is likely rewarding as well, but since I wanted the immediate gratification that only the Internet can bring (and the Amish are not known for being too talkative online), I pulled up Google and asked “how can I make penpals worldwide?” Boom. That easy.

What do you do with emails that are not intended for you?

I have a name that’s not common in my generation, but is common in older generations. When I signed up for email, I chose the simplest form of my name. Now that the other 50 or so people in the US who have my name are also using email, I am having problems with receiving their personal emails. How do you handle emails not intended for you?

Send postcards to yourself: Keep track of your travels with this hack

This is my mom’s fantastic idea for tracking experiences while traveling. How many times have you promised to keep a travel journal only to return home with most of the pages left blank? If you’re like me, that’s happened a few times. On top of that, how do you go about displaying your travel souvenirs when you get home? Developing photos is nice, but are you going to label them to remember everything? My mom’s solution: Postcards to yourself.

How long is an old tenant’s mail my responsibility?

The girl who lived here before was here for five years of grad school, so naturally she still gets a lot of mail. I don’t think either of us have the time to get together every week just to hand off a few postcards. So what I want to know is, at what point do I give up on reuniting a former tenant with her lost mail?

6 lively mailboxes for pirates, steampunks, and other offbeatlings

Checking the mail makes me feel like I’m at home. You can make your mailbox reflect your home’s personality SO EASILY (most of the time) and there are a surprising number of less-than-usual mailboxes out there. This wrought iron box is a little bit Victorian, a little bit country, and nice and big for even large packages.

I’ve picked out a few other choices of unusual mailboxes — ones that go beyond the “black tin box slapped on a pole” most houses have.

Write your grocery lists with this ghostly pen and a signature stamp

In college I worked in an art supply/fine pen/framing store, so I had to know all three. (You want a $900 Montblanc pen, old man banker? I will SELL YOU a $900 pen!) I got real snobby about pens for a while there, and good ones still catch my eye — like this pen listed for $50 in The Ghostly Store.

Go paperless at home: 7 ideas for less clutter, less stress, and more free mindspace

So much paper comes into my house that I just don’t care about. Bills that don’t change month-to-month but that I should keep for my records, receipts, healthcare info, manuals — it’s all stuff I don’t WANT but I need to keep, just in case. Sound familiar? In an effort to make all our lives less cluttered, here are seven ways to get after a paperless house.