A patio garden from HEAVEN, orange basement bar, and a goat in an inappropriate place

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Happy spring and happy Monday. Every Monday we pull together photos to do some totally non-productive ogling of home porn.

Those of you who also have a temperate climate: I hope the longer days and warmer temps invigorate you. I’m feeling like making things and doing CHORES for the first time in months. My serotonin levels aren’t meant for Midwest winters. We still have a couple months of rain ahead of us, so let’s brighten up and think of lovely days.

And we’ll START with loudshannon’s awesome-loud entryway. OH MY GAWD.

Our Porch

Homebornbabes keeps a peaceful nature altar. Don’t you want to make one of these for the cool rocks that come home?

Nature Alter

WOWwwee WOW wow wow. THIS is a patio garden. Raised beds! Factory windows! Dreamy. Thanks for sharing, Evita.

Spring 2007

If your dog isn’t allowed on the couch, don’t let her see what Panda Hugs does with her goat.

Goat on the Couch

Jenn has an orange New Belgium dark wood natural light basement bar. We have jealousy.

Basement 6

Sooooo I’d been obsessed with catios this week, and then BlindCaveFish came along with a photo of her former home and the port of its outdoor cat enclosure.

Cat ramp

VerticalHouse’s white and clean kitchen with an amaze-o vintage fridge.


These little hearts are Lego on a dorm wall. Good effing use of Lego, Omegn!


Mariegael’s bathroom makeover SUCCESS. Great green, clean lines, inventive focal piece.

AFTER:  bathroom reno

Enough talk. Let’s do Clicky Links!

Comments on A patio garden from HEAVEN, orange basement bar, and a goat in an inappropriate place

  1. I LOVE the New Belgium sign. Fat Tire FTW. The green candleholders in the bathroom are totally swoon-worthy too–they’re so timeless and romantic!


  2. I love the yellow entrance way!

    When I was a kid I painted my bedroom yellow and orange. My mum hated it and my sister (who had to share the room) REALLY hated it, but I loved it and have wanted another yellow room ever since.

  3. Wow! This is my favorite Monday mongage so far! I love that first pic! I painted my kitchen cabinets that same green last year and it’s so cheerful! Thanks, Ms. Rocketship!!! I’m loving the work you’re doing here 🙂

  4. Aw Thanks for including my entryway! We added it on after we bought the house. My husband and I just love the colors too. Even when it’s cloudy it makes it seem as though sunlight is pouring into the living room!

    Now I just need to get that New Belgium orange in here!

  5. Oh my goooooatttt!!!

    I’m impressed by that size of goat laying on that size of girl. Last week the power was out at the goat farm where I work so I had to milk about 15 of the goats by hand before it came back on. I was milking them on a different stand than they’re used to, and some of them weren’t too keen on hopping up onto it. It was all I could do to get the front two legs of a couple of the young Nubians onto the stand so they’d jump the rest of the way up. And that one looks like a big ol’ Alpine! I am so pro this.

    • Thanks, my Loki is a big guy, but not our biggest! He is a wether, and is the most fantastic pack goat, all my girls are definitely smaller. I commend you for hand milking 15! Yikes!

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