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The North remembers these Game of Thrones gifts (to commemorate the end!)

If you’re keeping up with the final seasons of Game of Thrones, you know there are only TWO episodes left (or zero, depending on when you’re reading this). Either way, the end is nigh and the The North remembers. Winter truly is coming and all we’ll have left will be our memories and whatever loot we can snag before it’s lost to the next TV show that ensnares our hearts.

Sansa is a strong character

High-key femininity isn’t weakness and here’s why Sansa proves it

Why is Sansa Stark presumed weak because she is high-key feminine? And what the hell make a female character “strong” anyway? Let’s lay out Sansa’s more powerful turns and see if a dress-wearing, high-key feminine character (even in a fictional Medieval-style universe) can overcome her gender spectrum stigma. Femininity doesn’t undercut feminism, and here’s why Sansa proves it…

How to make a dragon egg with nail polish and thumb tacks

We’re DIYing our wedding decor and favors — my favorite of which are our DIY dragon eggs!

These geeky items are gorgeous, easy to make, and relaxing. Here’s how to make a dragon egg…

Hand pie recipes as seen on @offbeathome

All food should come in pie form: rustic hand pie recipes for everyone

I’m still undecided on what the definitive term should be for these pastries: hand pies, turnovers, pasties… I guess it all depends on how they’re folded, but I imagine someone knows the real rules. Either way, give me a mini pie any day of the week. I made a few recipes (two of which for a couple of my favorite fandoms!), and they’re here for your folding, turning over, and eating needs. Let’s talk some of my favorite hand pie recipes.

Rule the porcelain throne with a Game of Thrones-themed bathroom

My favorite thing on Earth is coming back into my life this Sunday: Game of Fucking Thrones! So I celebrated in the very best, most Megan way possible.

This Game of Thrones party snack spread should win the Iron Throne by rights

The most important thing that has every happened to me, my reason for living — Game of Thrones — is back on the air. Every Sunday I have a group of friends over to my apartment and we watch the magic and the madness unfold together. Usually I just put out some cheese and crackers, with enough wine to make Cersei proud. So imagine how huge my eyeballs got when I saw this spread show up in our Flickr pool…

Dinner is coming: My Game of Thrones-themed 29th birthday feast

I got this fancy idea in my head that I should throw myself a Game of Thrones birthday party, simply because I love the show and have been listening to the books NON STOP for weeks and weeks now. The endless descriptions of all the succulent food featured in the novels was driving me nuts. So I made a fire, invited over the masses, and had a feast. Here’s how I pulled it off…

Let’s celebrate the return of Game of Thrones with themed home goods!

I know we have a lot of TV-loving Homies. Last time I geeked out about the return of Doctor Who, I did a Doctor Who-themed roundup, and y’all loved it! This time… you know what’s coming… WINTER IS COMING! With the return of Game of Thrones.