How Je Joue can help you find your G-spot

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We have a long history of expressing our love of sex toys, but this is the first time I get to express my love of our sponsor Je Joue!

Inspired by pioneering “sex-positive” global retailers, Je Joue aims to help couples and individuals enjoy and understand their bodies better and have greater, enhanced sexual experiences with their awesome toys.

How awesome are these toys? Je Joue’s team has garnered many awards since 2008. Their Uma, an internal vibrator, was a finalist in the Spark Design Awards in June 2015 along with the Boeing 777 and, in 2014, their hero sex-toy the Mimi was voted #1 vibrator by Good Housekeeping in the home of Je Joue, the UK.

Draw a bath and have a super-fun night with Je Joue...
Draw a bath and have a super-fun night with Je Joue…

Besides being award-winning, Je Joue toys are completely rechargeable, submersible in water, made with medical grade silicone and body safe plastic, and have a one-year warranty. Oh yeah, and they know how to find your G-spot…

The G-Kii G-spot toy
The G-Kii G-spot toy

Right now, Je Joue is currently running a promotion on their G-spot toy, the G-Kii — it’s marked down to $99 for their summer sale. In honor of that sale, here are 5 things Je Joue wants you to know about finding your G-spot with the G-Kii…

In our quest to make the perfect G-Spot toy and bring pleasure to women and couples, we knew we had to thoroughly research the topic. Working with the Gynecological Association, we were able to compare the measurements of over 10,000 women’s anatomies. After consulting with experts, from doctors to designers, we realized that only a customizable toy would ensure that the majority of women would find their elusive G-spot.

  1. Lube is your friend. Always use water-based with Je Joue toys.
  2. Pressure is the key to a mind-blowing G-experience.
  3. Good news for you gentlemen: G-Kii can be a fantastic prostate stimulator with its adjustable angles!
  4. With its special frequency, G-Kii offers an amazing low and rumbling vibration which transmits even deeper throughout your body.
  5. Your G-spot area should feel ridgy like running your tongue around your palate.


Along with helping you find your G-spot, Je Joue wants to help you save some money with a special offer just for our readers…

Je Joue is offer a special 15% discount just for the Homies. From July 24 – August 24, 2015, use promo code offbeat at checkout.

What are you waiting for!? Let’s get it on with Je Joue this summer!

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