7 travel tips to save money that will finally get you adventuring

Like many of us, I love to travel and don't do it nearly as often as I'd like. For most of us with a regular job, a family, a busy life, and not enough money, travel can seem pretty out of reach. But if you've decided to make traveling a priority in your life (which is the trick!), these are the travel tips to save money that can help you get there.


I'm bad at vacations: Or, how I know what burning pee smells like

I've never been spectacular at relaxing. Most of the time when we go on vacation I spend the whole time trying to make sure we have enough fun to justify the expense and the upheaval of our daily routines. I come by this honestly, because of my early family vacations. So starting to vacation as an adult I was wired to mimic the bad vacations, because that was the only definition of a vacation I had ever known.

Perhaps this is why I have so many bad vacation stories…


A nerd-cation pilgrimage to the homeland of Harry Potter and Doctor Who

We made a nerd-cation pilgrimage to the United Kingdom to visit the homeland of two of our favorite stories: Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

We cast a wide net at first, noting every possible location we could visit within a reasonable budget. Eventually we narrowed our travels to three cities: London, Edinburgh, and Cardiff, as those cities had the biggest draws for our nerdy hearts while still being accessible by public transit.