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Sometimes you have to get out of town. When you do, offbeat travel is there for you.

Road-trip: what can’t we miss seeing where you live?

I’d like the Homies to give us touristing recommendations in their area. We need must-visit places — we hope they give us the fortitude to stop joking about our dream trip and start planning it!

How to book a staycation and tour your own town

Lots of us are looking at summer vacations. And staycations! The concept is great — if you can get the execution down, you’ll have a blast.

Allie Bombach’s independent film “23 feet” — people living simple lives on the road

When I watched this trailer, it was on a day when I felt drained. It showed me other crazy offbeats out there making brave explorations. Awesome.

Redefining home: Transitioning to fulltime sustainable RVing

Even before we got married, I felt that home was anywhere as long as I was with my husband. We’re putting that theory to the test by making the switch to full-time RV living.