The Gateboarder: The luggage you can ride

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Photo by Adama
Photo by Adama

I know we already talked about luggage recently, but bear with me right now, because this is what happened this weekend… I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed, when I see this photo of my friend Adama, who explained, “I’ve mostly caved to being an adult, I pay my taxes and I don’t miss flights, but at least my luggage can low-key be a scooter.”

Immediately I asked to know where the hell she got this amazing bag, and she directs me to Kenneth fucking Cole! Ladies and gentlebeans, I give you The Gateboarder:

the gateboarder

kenneth cole gateboarder

Look how unsuspecting this bad-boy is!!!
Look how unsuspecting this bad-boy is!!!

the gateboarder inside

Inside the bag it reads “it’s the inside that counts.” But we know that’s wrong, because it’s the fucking SCOOTING ABILITY that counts!

We all wanted to know how Adama likes her amazing bag, and her response was, “I LOVE it. Early mornings in big airports it’s golden. And security hasn’t really seen them yet so they are just kind of like ‘Woah’ and let you zip by.”

Is this not the greatest thing you’ve ever seen? Okay, at least the greatest thing you’ve seen today, right?

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  1. That’s a really cool bag, and if I traveled much I might look into one.

    However, you said “bare with me” – are you going to do a strip tease for us? “Bear with me.”

    Never do anything you don’t want to explain to the paramedics.

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