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Let’s talk about budgeting, saving, banking… how can you keep it all together, and advance toward your offbeat goals?

How do you support small businesses when your budget is even smaller?

I have a small budget. And while my heart screams “Buy that $15 artisan sandwich!” my wallet says “If you want to make rent, go for the mass-produced sandwiches that are only $5.” What are some ways to help support my small business community, when my budget is even smaller?

5 really good things to do with $20

So you found some crumpled money in the pocket of an old coat, or your friend finally paid you back for that pizza from six months ago. You’ve just had a teeny windfall! Since it’s feeling like BONUS MONEY, it may start to burn a hole in your pocket. But if you take a big, deep breath before you spend, you may think of a better way to put that $20 to good use…

Let’s talk about debt-reduction programs: Do they actually do what their over-enthusiastic radio ads say?

My husband and I have recently gotten pretty serious about getting out of debt. We’ve recently been paying more attention to those radio commercials that promise to “forgive your credit card debt!” Has anyone ever had any luck with those companies? Do they actually what their over-enthusiastic radio ads say?

How to get the most bang for your buck with your technology

My significant other and I live on one main income — mine, as a freelance writer. The number-one impediment to my budgeting experience has been technology. Here’s how I’ve learned to deal…

Zero-Based Budgeting: Spend your money before you spend your money

My husband and I made a New Year’s resolution about five years ago to get our finances in order — we finally got around to it this year. After all the Googling and reading, the budget process that clicked for us was the Zero Based Budget (full disclosure this is the budget that Dave Ramsey recommends.) The way it works is this…

How to have a healthy relationship when one partner is unemployed

My name is Sullie, and my partner and I live below the poverty line. What’s more, my partner is unemployed and will likely remain that way for the rest of our lives together. So why am I okay with this? Because my partner’s health issues are chronic and difficult to manage. Here are our steps to living below the poverty line on a single income…

Stash emergency cash inside your phone case

I decided to print out a picture, trim it to size, and stick it between my phone and the clear plastic. But as I was trimming the paper, I had another thought: Emergency cash!

Investing tips for a clueless twentysomething?

I’m a 27 year-old mother of one, part-time barista, freelance editor, and clueless investor. I’ve only got a little to spare, risk makes me nervous, and I am CLUELESS when it comes to funds/stocks/bonds/etc. Does anyone have any advice on the best ways to start growing a tiny nest egg?