Here’s the easiest way to de-stem strawberries

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If you’re a strawberry lover like I am, you might be used to chopping off the stem of the strawberry before making it into your oatmeal topping, smoothie ingredient, or shortcake deliciousness. But with that technique, you’re sending a lot of the yummy fruit into the garbage or compost. Here’s a trick I learned to save as much strawberry guts as possible…

Using a drinking straw (reusable metal works great for this), just slide the straw up through the bottom of the strawberry until the stem pops off. It’s fast and you can pop stems off at an alarming rate. I do it in bulk for strawberries I plan to freeze. It’s much easier to hull strawberries before freezing, trust me.

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  1. Or just eat the tops. If I am putting strawberries into a smoothie I just leave them whole. The greens are edible and nutritious, plus you really don’t notice them once they’re blended up.

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