Where do you find fashion for round tummies?

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fashion for round tummies
Hey Homies,

I’m trying to find clothes that look good and make me happy. The problem? My proportions don’t fit the standard clothing mold.

I’m plus size, which would be fine if I had big breasts, a small waist, and large hips (these seem like the proportions most plus size clothes come in) and I don’t especially like super baggy clothes (which is a lot of what I see at places like Lane Bryant). I have a round tummy and medium-sized breasts and hips, which I guess makes me an “apple” type.

Does anyone know of stores or brands that have apple-proportioned clothes that aren’t maternity, are relatively modest, and don’t assume that because I’m bigger, I want to hide my body under a sack? -Elaine

Apple, pear, and other deliciously-sized Homies, where do you find your favorite clothes for round tummies?

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  1. I’m a size US 14 Asian, fat & definitely plus size for Asian standard, and I usually just get my clothes from asos.com. Their Curve line carry size US 14 to 24. They have everything from basics, dresses, hosiery, to outerwear, and have a pretty diverse range of style. With shopping online, sometimes we have difficulty envisioning clothes in our body type because the photo provided shows them in someone else’s body which might have very different structure compared to ours even when the sizing number is the same. Asos has a catwalk video of all their clothes to give you a better idea of the clothes’ actual shape, I personally find this to be very helpful. It also offers free worldwide shipping and easy returns.

    ModCloth has great style but sadly their sizing chart is…tricky. Different clothes with the same sizing number often have very different fit.

  2. I’ve found Not Your Daughter’s Jeans brand to be the best jeans, in terms of fit and durability (I’m 190 lbs., 5’8″, big boobs, no discernible waist, and a spare tire around my abdomen). I’ve also, oddly enough, found some great stuff at Kohl’s, especially Lauren Conrad’s designs. But they do tend to be fairly youthful.
    ModCloth has been mostly misses for me, due to their odd sizing, and I agree about LaneBryant being somewhat ick. I’ll have to try Maurice’s sometime…honestly, some of the best dresses I’ve ever found were at Goodwill. It takes patience and an investment in time, but going to our largest Goodwill (in Seattle….and when I was in San Diego, going to the Goodwills in pricier neighborhoods) has netted me tailor-made-esque tops and dresses in the past 10 years.
    Good luck!

  3. Heh. My favorite casual dress is a maternity dress from Target–if you shop there you know the plus section and maternity bleed over into each other, so it’s easy to pick something up.

    I like the ‘tanis’ from Old Navy as layering pieces… they are cheap and stay put. The regularl XXL fits me (5’8″, 44DDD, about 300lbs)

  4. Just going to throw this out there – but what about making your own clothes?

    Looking at some of the sites suggested, and the corresponding prices, I’m wondering why no one has said it might be worth it to learn to make clothes custom to your shape.

    If you aren’t comfortable outright sewing yourself something nice from scratch, you could learn to do your own alterations. Raising a hemline here, adding a tuck there – you’ll be able to avoid overly baggy clothes AND learn a new and valuable skill.

    This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor either – there are online tutorials on how to turn an old t-shirt into a body cast / dressform, and you can get a few items from Goodwill or thrift shops that are a little baggy and practice taking them in without breaking the bank.

    Minor alterations also don’t require a sewing machine.

    You can do it! Give it a shot!

  5. I mentioned eShakti up above for dresses, but I also wanted to add welovecolors.com for tights. I ordered their plus-size nylon/lycra tights and they fit like a dream. They don’t roll down under my tummy and they are long enough for my legs. I’m 5’8″ so not that tall, but I usually find tights that I’ve bought in stores are too short. I ordered their C/D size (I am 5’8″ 260 lbs), and I was happy to see that they also have up to an EE that fits 5’5″ to 6′ and 320 to 375 lbs. And don’t worry about having to wear only sensible black and navy. Their plus sizes come in all of their 51 colors!

  6. Have you tried Asos, Modcloth, and/or Boohoo? I’ve also had luck with Rebdolls and H&M+, and City Chic (although I find City Chic to be pretty pricey). Happy shopping! 🙂

  7. Tess Holliday has a new line out. ASOS has a great plus line. There are so many places and lines nowadays I honestly don’t know where to begin.

  8. I have found my absolute joy and fulfillment in a local plus sized consignment shop! They only offer clothes size 14 & up and I never walk away empty handed. They have all the best brands, offer an amazing variety, and BONUS everything is incredibly reasonably priced!

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