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Things to know before you bring potbellied pigs into your urban homestead

Are you thinking of adding a potbellied pig to your homestead? I have had my two potbellied pigs Clem and Tubbs chilling in my backyard for about three years now, and here is my advice to help you know if you are ready to bring a pig into your family.

Pigs, dogs, and hand-drawn trees in this eclectic little house on the farm

Our family are our neighbors. There are over a hundred acres owned by my husband’s family, and we can visit each other by taking a walk through the woods or across the orchard. But everything in the house is old, outdated, or run down. We’ve spent a lot of time updating the house to fit our style and fix it up.

My husband and I are divorcing and sharing custody of the kids, fruiting plants, and the chickens

So on our division of assets list when we thought we were nearly done last night, he asked me if we should list the plants. I said, “Just list fruiting plants and chickens — joint custody.” He looked at me for a moment. We just argued over folding chairs and now I say this? He burst out laughing, and so did his family when we told them.

To sniff out childhood allergies, researchers head to the farm

Researchers have noticed that Amish children who live on farms in rural Indiana have significantly lower rates of allergies, and they think drinking raw milk and living in a dirtier environment might be the reason why.

We have to put our kid in childcare to run our farm — how do I cope?

My husband and I run our family farm full-time… and also parent our fourteen-month-old. It’s no longer feasible for her to be at home with us if we’re to get any work done, but I’m totally bummed. How can I deal with having to put her in childcare?

A day in the life of an organic farming family

I have been working on a photo documentary for a few years now. The subject is local natural and organic farmers/farming, and the concept is something that my husband Nick and I have been passionate about for the last six years. I am not exactly sure where it started… or how.