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How do you deal with dust?

Much as I love my black furniture, it shows dust at the drop of a hat. Are there any tactics I can use to preemptively minimize dust, so that when I do attack everything with a damp cloth everything will get done at warp speed?

What do we need know about dealing with a dust allergy?

My partner is seriously allergic to dust (yes, he takes allergy medicine, as well as daily medication for asthma control). What can the Homies tell us about their experiences with mattresses and allergies or about air purifiers and allergies? Are there any good products we should know about that can help us deal with dust and allergens in the home?

Use a compressed air can to clean your plushies

Over in the comments of “dust your home with a lint roller,” Homie LXV had a great idea for cleaning your stuffed animals.

Dust your home with a lint roller

This afternoon I was using a lint roller on my couch (black cat + white blanket on couch = grey couch) when I had a “BASKETS!” moment. I ripped the clogged-up sheet from the lint roller and ran it over my table: Voila! No more dust or hair!