Turn a piece of driftwood into a key rack

Updated Oct 12 2015

Driftwood Key Rack

Offbeat Homie Cheryl Hellcat (of LOTR table make-over fame) submitted this photo to our Flickr pool with one small description:

Easiest DIY ever… added some hook scews and done!

Speaking of easy and submitting to our Flickr pool: did you hear the news? Flickr has made it so there's now functionally unlimited uploading for everyone. Submit your easy DIY projects (or whatever!) to our Flickr pool.

  1. Pretty, I have a DIY key holder too. I went to a garden store, got one of those ornate iron pot holders you screw onto a wall to put hanging plants in, removed the pot ring, spray painted it orange, attached a bunch of different size (also orange) hooks and screwed it to the side of my bookshelf.

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