Turn a piece of driftwood into a key rack

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Driftwood Key Rack

Offbeat Homie Cheryl Hellcat (of LOTR table make-over fame) submitted this photo to our Flickr pool with one small description:

Easiest DIY ever… added some hook scews and done!

Speaking of easy and submitting to our Flickr pool: did you hear the news? Flickr has made it so there’s now functionally unlimited uploading for everyone. Submit your easy DIY projects (or whatever!) to our Flickr pool.

Comments on Turn a piece of driftwood into a key rack

  1. I don’t know why but every time I look at that driftwood I think “velociraptor”.

  2. Pretty, I have a DIY key holder too. I went to a garden store, got one of those ornate iron pot holders you screw onto a wall to put hanging plants in, removed the pot ring, spray painted it orange, attached a bunch of different size (also orange) hooks and screwed it to the side of my bookshelf.

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