oliver heath

This is the EASIEST way to build shelves I’ve ever seen… Step 1: Find drawers. Step 2: Nail drawers to wall. Step 3: Profit.

This is one way to make use of all those on-the-curb dresser finds — or just an old bureau in storage. Pull the drawers, prime them up, and pin them on the wall. Smarrrrt!

Comments on Use drawers as shelves

  1. oooh, you could even cut pcs of plexiglass and turn them into shadow boxes!!! brilliant! My Intended is always commenting on how much he likes shadow boxes. I am going to keep my eye out for old dressers from now on, to make him some. He’ll LUV me for it.

  2. Hmm… how best to actually affix them to the wall though? I know drawers are often made of pretty sturdy (read: heavy) stuff… Any suggestions?

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