The Doctor is back! Let’s celebrate with Doctor Who-themed home goods

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Doctor Who 16oz Travel MugI bet NONE of you will be surprised to find out that I just purchased this Doctor Who travel mug — or this travel-mug shaped TARDIS, which is how I like to think of it — from Think Geek. I’m going to fill it with fucking champagne (I’ve been saving a bottle for such an occasion) while I watch the premier of Doctor Who on Saturday September 1st!

This reminds me, do we have any Whovians in the house? Where my nerds at? This home goods post is for YOU: The Doctor Who-themed housewares roundup. All things TARDIS blue, timey wimey, wibbly wobbly, bigger-y on the inside-y, and perfect for your Whovian habitat.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy something cool (you know, like a bow tie), do as I did and use the big premier as the perfect excuse to do a little clicking…

Every living room needs a TARDIS vinyl wall decal, am I right?

This combines two of my favorite things — the TARDIS and the iPhone — to create a smart safe.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, set your secret combination, and you’re ready to store your valuables in the TARDIS, just like The Doctor himself. To unlock your TARDIS, slide your smartphone into the slot up top until it activates the pressure switch inside. Launch the app and enter your secret code. The light will blink, the TARDIS will make materializing sounds, and the door will pop open.

Doctor Who TARDIS Mini SafeOr you can go lower-tech with THIS TARDIS safe and key.

If you always wanted your own Van Gogh-does-the-TARDIS print, you can get one now. Or maybe you prefer the Dalek propaganda poster, or the other two promo prints. Check ’em out.

Amazon also has a great collection of Doctor Who posters, my favorite being the Dalek Blueprint.

Doctor Who Dalek Projection ClockSpeaking of Daleks, I’ve been thinking about getting a new alarm clock, and I think the Dalek Projection Clock just might be my next purchase.

Doctor Who TARDIS Beach TowelThen again, I am going to Maui soon, so maybe I should snatch up the coolest damn beach towel in this world, and all of the others.

Perhaps you don’t need a towel, but you are in the market for a bathrobe. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, there are TWO kinds of Doctor Who bathrobes — would you prefer TARDIS or Time Lord?

Ermahgerd! TARDIS salt and pepper shakers. I’m dying, they’re so cute.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver LED FlashlightsWill you guys laugh at me when I tell you that I have the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver flashlight in my bedside table in case of an emergency? Can you see me after the earthquake hits, running around my apartment waving the sonic screwdriver in full-on panic mode? Of course, you can also get a sonic screwdriver that’s also a pen, or one that’s actually a screwdriver!

Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie JarThe TARDIS cookie jar makes authentic TARDIS noises when you open the lid.

Doctor Who TARDIS Lunch BoxThe ONLY thing keeping me from purchasing this TARDIS lunch box is the fact that I already have THREE Star Wars lunch boxes, and no place go have lunch, or… you know… store things. But, if someone else buys this for me… you know… I wouldn’t throw it out.

Doctor Who TARDIS 4 Port USB HubWhen (and I mean “when”) I buy this TARDIS USB hub, I can totally write this off. It’s for work! The light and sound effects are triggered when you plug into the port — how cool is that!?

Doctor Who Adipose Stress ToyHaven’t you always wanted to squeeze an Adipose? Now you can with the Adipose stress toy!

Heat Changing TARDIS MugI love the disappearing/re-appearing TARDIS on this coffee mug. Make mornings a little better with this bad boy.

Doctor Who TARDIS Water BottleFor cold beverages, you gotta get this TARDIS water bottle!

Trust the doctor to keep your coffee table ring-free with this funky coaster set.

I’m KICKING myself for not re-covering my vintage love seat in this Doctor Who toile pattern. I just re-covered it in regular, non-nerdy toile. Sad.

Ermagerd, I really want this Cyberman bottle stopper! Wine + Doctor Who = perfection. Ooh, it also comes in Dalek.

Speaking of drinking… who’s gonna grab a drink and virtually watch the premier of Doctor Who with me? Follow me on Twitter and we can tweet about it together! I’m so excited, Homies.

Comments on The Doctor is back! Let’s celebrate with Doctor Who-themed home goods

  1. My husband’s birthday was last week. My mom asked for gift recommendations, so I sent her a bunch of ThinkGeek links. He is now the proud owner of an exploding Van Gogh TARDIS t-shirt, and another that says “You never forget your first doctor.” (And that Japanese Dark Side one, because we met while living over there, and one that says “I have a cunning plan” because we’ve cunningly gotten my mom addicted to Blackadder.)

    This from the girl who had the mini Tardis in her wedding bouquet. SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW NIGHT!

    Editing to add: that cookie jar is JUST what my kitchen is lacking.

  2. We have the Dalek blueprint poster in our computer/craft room. My husband’s an engineer and loves it so much. The TARDIS cookie jar held cards at our wedding and now sits in our living room. Husband just bought the 10in Adipose plushie which should be arriving todaaaaay!

  3. I have the Dalek Victory poster in my office; it was the first personal thing I put up after years here, I just couldn’t resist. 😉 I’ve discovered a few fellow office Whovians as a result. I just wish more of the cool posters and iphone covers and the like were *tenth* doctor; Matt Smith is cool, but Tennant is *my* Doctor.

    Folks may also get a kick out of these “police box” chocolate bars, as guilty as I feel about posting a link to my own stuff:
    (That’s just a photo for inspiration, not a sales link.)

    They look *really* awesome when painted, which photo and tutorial I really do need to get posted one of these days. Because really, who *doesn’t* want a chocolate Tardis? Sadly, they’re a little hard to make at home just because of the master (we had ours 3d printed by a friend), but I’ll bet you could make one out of balsa wood…

  4. I have the disappearing TARDIS mug – and I have been very cautious in using/washing it, but the decal still started peeling just over a month after I bought it. SAD FACE.

  5. I just got back from a trip to London and the highlight was seeing the REAL POLICE BOX at Earl’s Court! I hugged it. I dressed up as the TARDIS last year for Halloween and again to go to the renaissance festival this summer. (Because if you think about it, there is no setting that is inappropriate for Doctor Who costumery.)

  6. might have to work a side job so I can stealthy buy the salt and pepper shakers. already got the cookie jar, exploding tardis, the lunch tine, mug and coasters (comic con exclusives) and the 11th doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Still looking for the perfect River Song journal. And will get the adipose toy when I have a kid and it will secretly be mine whilst immersing future generations in awesome…….. also WTB a close friend with BBC… Slowly getting ALL THE DOCTOR THINGS!

      • oh, trust me, i do believe it. i was just as bummed. i EARNED that sucker after saving and hoarding my geek points FOREVER, and to have it break so quickly was a huge downer.

        i never contacted TG to get a replacement, because i didn’t want to risk having another one break. this one still makes noise and flashes, so i’m happy enough. just can’t use it for its intended purpose.

    • Mine still works well. We have used it daily for over a year and we have a 12 month old grabbing everything. I will leave a review on their site if/when it breaks.

  7. For a couple of days when I was away doing research, a Tardis turned up outside King’s College, Cambridge. All my friends have their picture with it. Sad face.

    I genuinely don’t know if that’s a spoiler or not… perhaps they were filming in Cambridge…?!?

  8. I already own a bunch of this stuff, but now I want to go and buy the rest of it as well!

    I plan to watch the premiere while wearing my TARDIS damask print dress, drinking tea from one (or both?) of my TARDIS mugs and eating cookies from my TARDIS cookie jar. It shall be a good day.

  9. Why am I such a poor graduate student? In other news, I reccomend ravelry for awesome knitting patterns. I made doctor who dish cloths for a friend abroad, and myself a tardis iPhone cozy(because it is infinitely bigger on the inside). Excellent for crafty ways to say “I am a GIANT geek, because Geeks are cool!”

  10. I have so many of the things listed here — both in the article itself and in the comments.

    The TARDIS cookie jar will make your entire cookie eating experience ten times better. Also, insofar as the dematerializing TARDIS mug goes, DO NOT put it in the dish washer. I had to replace mine because I foolishly didn’t think before putting it in with my other mugs.

    My parents also just bought me a vanity plate for my birthday that says “DCTORWHO” to go with the plate frame. I HAVE NO REGRETS.

  11. I heart all the Doctor Who stuff! I have the Tardis cookie jar, and the only thing is that the entire house can hear you when you grab a cookie. So not good for the stealth snacking, but cool looking anyway.

  12. Must. Control. Myself to not go buy all this Doctor Whogoodness. But I want TO BUY ALL THE WHOVIAN THINGS!….okay….I must learn to control myself better…

    It doesn’t help that Doctor Who time is family time on my husband’s side. They all LOVE Doctor Who too. His mom has a remote control Dalek and its killing me not to buy one too.

  13. At the risk of sounding stupid. Where are my friends in America watching the new episodes? We don’t have cable… What website can I see it on the soonest? I’m dying!

  14. I have the Tardis lunchbox (Only one of my coworkers “gets it”, the rest think I have it cuz I work for a police department…*sigh*), the Van Gogh poster (for when we have a house to put it in), and a Tardis decal on my car.
    Also…HELP! I do not have a TV at my house, and for the summer I also do not have internet access at home. I’m going to stay late at work to watch the Doctor Who episodes late on the internet. What’s the best website to watch the new episodes? Anyone know?

    • You know, I tried to get a good answer for this, but I got nothing. I’m watching them all on cable. But yeah, I hope SOMEONE can drop some knowledge!

        • I ended up watching it with Amazon Prime too. I quit Netflix after their price increase fiasco, and swapped to Amazon Prime. Less options for watching instantly…but I order a lot of stuff online and I like the free shipping. Anyway, you can watch Doctor Who on Amazon the day after, but it costs $2.99 an episode. I’ll suck it up and just pay until we move to our winter apartment, which has cable.

  15. I celebrated my birthday this weekend and since the theme was Blue, I acquired a large amount of Doctor Who swag thanks to all my friends who know me so well. I got the travel mug and adapose, as well as many other fun items! They will go perfect in my Doctor Who themed guest room which I will share in the future. <3

  16. Is it a dead giveaway that the color scheme in my new living room is TARDIS blue and one of the only knicknacks sitting on shelves are two TARDIS mugs with tops? And next in line is a TARDIS print for the wall? The toile fabric would be just the thing for the chairs… hmmm

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