Repurpose a fancy tea box as DIY tie holders

Guest post by Casey Osmundson

repurposed-organizerI received a gift of a fancy assortment of green teas in a lovely wooden box, and I was just itching to figure out a great way to repurpose it. I loved that it already had dividers inside, making it a great little organizer. My hubby’s tie collection was a mess, so I decided to give it a whirl.

It worked beautifully, cost ZERO dollars, and it was super easy!


He loves that it looks like a cigar box. I love that it fits in a drawer, but still looks tidy when it’s on the dresser. Bonus: since it only has eight spaces, it forces him to declutter regularly & he ends up with a collection of all of his most useful favorites.

Fewer choices + no mess to sort through = less time wasted getting ready in the morning. Free, easy, beautiful, useful, time-saving, AND space-saving. Score one for Casey!

Don’t you just love finding new uses for the things you already own? What have you repurposed around your house lately?

Comments on Repurpose a fancy tea box as DIY tie holders

  1. We have a couple of decorative wooden crates that were part of a food gift. I grabbed three of them and arranged them in my “underthings” drawer. Each crate holds a type of underthing: socks, bras, or underwear. If there’s a divider in the crate I use it to sort the underthings further. It’s made getting ready in pitch-black mornings so much easier.

  2. Brilliant! Now I wish I had an extra tea box floating around…My husband probably has at maximum 5 ties (where, I don’t know, though), so this would be perfect!

    I love Claire’s organization with the crates, too! Quite often, I end up using those types of containers to organize random stuff–I gave one to my husband to use for organizing his assortment of magazines and odds-and-ends he keeps next to the bed. An old jewelry box holds various flower and vegetable seeds I dream of planting when we have a chance to start a garden. Another old jewelry box holds my collection of foreign currency. Ceramics I made when I was in school hold things like paperclips and thumb tacks.

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