Puck the kitten modeling my completed (for now) deck project.
Puck the kitten modeling my completed (for now) deck project.

Let this cat introduce you to the latest and greatest in deck make-overs. Homie BubblesLeFay uploaded this photo to our Flickr pool and I just had to squeeze more details from her. This is how you can pull off your own rainbow deck re-do:

“Platta” decking tiles from Ikea + spray paint + a whole lotta digging (optional) + weed barrier = sweet new deck!

I didn’t get enough tiles to do the entire area I wanted to do, so until I get my butt to an Ikea I’m just going to pretend that the unfinished area doesn’t exist. It was formerly a mud/gravel pit, so this is a huge improvement.

The kitten is a separate, and much more troublesome project.

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      It’s not terribly slippery when wet that I’ve noticed, however we seem to have a wee drainage issue that needs seeing-to, so most of it becomes a puddle during heavy rain, which has been frequent in my area lately.

    • Puck is an Adventure Kitten; he *loves* going out to explore the yard. Also, the harness is a Kitty Holster, and they’re supposed to be the most comfortable and secure kitty harness available.

      The downside is that Puck now DEMANDS walkies pretty much all the time.

      • I just adopted a blind kitteh (a female that my husband named Ray Charles of course, haha). She wants to spend all her time outside. I’ve tried taking her out in my dog’s leftover puppy harness but she can weasel out if I’m not paying 100% attention to her (like if I’m multitasking by weeding, grilling, reading, etc). Imma gonna look into getting her one of these!

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