DIY marshmallow shooters for kids of all ages

March 6 2013 | offbeatbride
A rainbow arsenal begging for marshmallow war… photo by Mom's Crafty Space
A rainbow arsenal begging for marshmallow war… photo by Mom's Crafty Space

I know some big kids, aka supposed grown-ups, who will be high-tailing it to the hardware store to get s'more supplies for these marshmallow shooters. (Ha! See what I did there?) Using just 1/2 inch PVC pipe (and connectors) and a rainbow of spray paint, Mom's Crafty Space became marshmallow war armory!

Then your advanced marshmallow weaponry is easy to load and laughter-inducing to unload. Head on over to Mom's Crafty Space to see how it's done (and some fantastic action shots!) then come on back and show us your own marshmallow shooters in the Offbeat Home & Life Flickr pool!

  1. THANK YOU for reminding me of these! I had epic battles with my brothers growing up. With spring FINALLY getting here, these shall be essential… *off to Lowes*

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  2. What a wonderful idea! I've been wanting to go camping. These marshmallow shooters would be great to bring along. My husband is an apprentice plumber, and he gets very excited about pipes now. So I bet he'd enjoy making them. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. A slightly more grown up version is a four foot long pvc pipe and little clay balls. Great fun was had in my sophomore year of college having blowgun wars in the woods.

  4. a slightly more grown up variation is 4' long pieces of 3/8 inch pvc, and hand made little clay balls. They don't hurt badly, and huge amounts of fun can be had stalking each other through the woods. (and totally confusing the freshman stoners from the dorms….) Brings back memories… 🙂

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