How To Hair Girl wants to show you how you can do your own hair at home

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Roxie in action.
Roxie in action.
Roxie Hunt is the DIY hair blogger whose site is geared towards empowering you to experiment and have fun with your hair at home… and you’ve seen her ALL over the Empire!

We’ve talked about how her site How To Hair Girl can help you with your wedding hair on Offbeat Bride. We’ve even showed you how she can help you with your kid’s hair on Offbeat Families.

But let’s talk about ALL the ways that Roxie’s How To Hair Girl site can revolutionize the way you think about your hair on the daily…

We love her post on “Five haircuts to try today!”

Women’s haircuts

Think you can’t cut or style your own hair? Pshaw, Roxie can fix that kind of negative thinking. From short hair to growing it out, Roxie has how to videos, and step-by-step photo tutorials on how you can cut and/or style your own hair. Checkout her women’s hairdos section for inspiration and awesome how-tos.


Men’s haircuts

Roxie knows it’s not just the ladies who care about their hair. How To Hair Girl has lots of looks and tips for men’s styles from Rockabilly to Hipster. She even has a post on how you cut your husband’s (or boyfriend’s) hair. And, as she notes, the DIY haircuts in her men’s category are by no means limited to men. They can be worn by anyone, they just happen to be modeled by men. (Some super-cute men at that!)


DIY hair color

Have you ever wanted to know how to color your tips, touch up your own roots, or find out what the hell a “shine line” is and how it can freshen up your bangs? How To Hair Girl has all that info and more so that you can save a bundle by being the master of your own hair color.

Meet the “1930s Deco star wars braided chapeau.”

…And more!

Beyond easy-to-follow instructions on easy DIY haircuts and DIY hair coloring techniques, How To Hair Girl offers fun hair styling ideas, general hair inspiration, DIY hair products, and even “no-poo” tips. And if after checking out all those categories, you’re still left wondering what the hell to do with your hair, Roxie has your back with her custom hair consultation service.

Now grab your scissors and your favorite hair coloring, and head over to How To Hair Girl!

Comments on How To Hair Girl wants to show you how you can do your own hair at home

  1. I found her site about a month ago, and LOVE it. I cut my own hair for the first time using one of her ‘5 DIY’ haircuts, and it turned out so well I’m not sure I’ll ever get my hair cut at a salon again!

  2. Gah this is amazing, I am so inspired! I hate paying to have my hair cut, so I’m definitely gonna try to work on my own skills. I also went and bought a variety of clips and bobby pins and clear elastics so that I can work on fun hairstyles so that I don’t just hate my hair and put it up in a ponytail all the time. I’m also psyched that she is shampoo-free since that’s the kind of hair I’m working with now too.

  3. I’ve used her method to cut my bangs, and that worked well, and saved me a trip to the haircutter. Haven’t quite had the guts to try for the whole haircut, yet. She sure makes it *look* easy…

  4. 502 error? Oops, looks like Offbeathome might have been a little too enthusiastic!

    Will bookmark to check out later though, I find going to the hairdresser such a weird, judgey experience! I used to shave my head which was just so freeing to be able to do anytime I liked, but more styles would be great!

  5. Yes! I purchased her “hipster pixie chic” tutorial vid a few months ago. I love to rock the pixie cut, but I can’t afford to go to salons for the upkeep. I can manage to do the top/front part of my hair solo and my future hubby is sweet enough to help me trim the back.

    Anyways, yes. She’s legit. I’d highly recommend her videos to anyone interested in DIY hair!

  6. OMG, this is fantastic. My hair has been seriously bumming me out lately.
    I’m so excited so many Offbeat Homies have tried her tutorials with success! Makes me feel better about trying it myself.

  7. I love this lady and her blog! Though I will say that my only disappointment was finding the “how to trim your lady parts” tutorial was not on how to trim your down-lady parts, but the hair by your face. 😀

    • That’s a great peice of feedback/request for Roxie… and you make a great point about the post’s title. It’s been edited.

      (Also, while I have NO idea what kind of hair you have, if it’s coarse/kinky, you may want to check out these posts on Offbeat Bride!)

      • Thanks for actually taking my comment seriously! Greatly appreciated.

        And yes I do have that kind of hair! I have seen those posts as well, which is why I was sort of surprised by the original title because you all at offbeat are really awesome with acknowledging these kinds of things…

        many thanks!

  8. Yay! Awesome! I have a friend cut my (long) hair but it’s a simple straight cut. I’ve also started cutting my fiance’s hair at home but it’s just a buzz cut with a guard… maybe I can learn to do fancy type things ::grin::

  9. I want to try one of those 5 diy styles tonight! I’m thinking #2 or #4. Do you cut them dry? I’ve never cut my own hair before (besides my bangs). I’m a bit nervous, but Roxie makes it sound so damn easy!

    • It is easy! You should go for it! I tried # 2 on my own hair and #4 on my best friend’s hair the day I saw this post. I have never cut my hair before, but it turned out great! I cut my hair dry, so I could make sure I wasn’t taking too much off.

  10. Whew – I did it. #3.

    And it looks pretty good.

    Is this the quality of haircut I would get if I had gone to the salon? No. But it looks quite nice. And I didn’t have to work “visit salon” into my schedule. And it was worth every penny I paid for it, and then some 🙂

    Would try it again!

  11. I’ve been cutting my own hair for 14 years now, but I’ve never actually looked up or been taught how to do it “the right way” or anything. I’ll definitely go and check it out to see if I can learn anything.

    I really do encourage people to go ahead and try it. Everyone’s always super amazed when I tell them I cut my own hair. It’s not hard, especially since I do a short, choppy pixie cut. It’s very forgiving.

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