This small-but-edgy loft demonstrates how to decorate a small space with a lot of character

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This is basically the whole space.
Photos courtesy of Redfin.

We can all take a few decorating lesson from this small-but-edgy 610-square-foot loft in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo:

  1. Just because you’re small on space, doesn’t mean you can’t be big on style!
  2. Don’t be afraid of multiple colors and patterns in a small home.
  3. Bookshelves make good bedrooms.

While yes, that photo above is basically the ENTIRE SPACE, this tiny loft is huge on style. Let’s all check it out and learn how to decorate a small space with a lot of character…

Little Tokyo loft kitchen and dining 1

Little tokyo loft kitchen and dining 2

Upon entering, you step right into the combined kitchen and dining area. I love the use of a long and skinny table, pushed up against the wall with bright red chairs. Thus introducing the over-all bright red color scheme.

little tokyo loft kitchen and dining 4

GREAT use of a mirror over the dining room to open up this space a little.

little tokyo loft kitchen 3

Although the kitchen is small, it’s got everything you need, including an industrial faucet AND a dishwasher. (So jealous.)

little tokyo loft kitchen dining and living room

Moving down the makeshift “hallway” you can see to the left the space that’s used as a “bedroom,” which also helps to carve out a living room area. That living room is kick ass…

little tokyo loft living room 4

Fake tree + fake dog = whole lot of real love.

Little Tokyo loft living room 3

Floor-to-ceiling draperies help a small space feel very tall. That red couch helps continue the color scheme from the kitchen/dining area throughout the rest of the apartment. Also note the use of a mirrored coffee table top to help give the illusion of more open space.

Little Tokyo loft living room 2

And then, boom! There’s exciting wallpaper, happy to greet you, as you round the corner. I like how the yellow in the wallpaper echoes the yellow tray on the coffee table.

little tokyo loft bedroom bookshelf divider

That wallpapered wall is continued on the other side of the open bookshelves, into the make-shift bedroom.

little tokyo loft bedroom 1

Little Tokyo loft bedroom

little tokyo loft office

They even had room to create a little office space off of the bathroom! Speaking of the bathroom…

little tokyo loft bathroom 1

The bathroom features some more amazing wallpaper and bold pattern choices. I would have never chosen that shower curtain with that wallpaper, but somehow it’s working for me!

little tokyo loft bathroom 2

little tokyo loft bathroom 3

little tokyo loft bathroom 4

There’s also a washer and dryer in this space. Okay, seriously, my two-bedroom apartment doesn’t even have that.

little tokyo lofts

And you can get all this small amount of space with large amounts of character FULLY FURNISHED for $350k in my hometown of Los Angeles. Mmm… maybe we should all just take the decorating lessons for free instead.

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  1. Oh, bless you, this post is exactly what I needed. I just moved into a wee studio and I’m trying to figure out the whole different “rooms” in one large room thing.

  2. Well THAT is all sorts of fabulous! I can’t wait to get back into an apartment; this gives me great ideas for making the most of a small space. (Books and bookshelves ALWAYS account for most of my belongings/furniture…)

  3. I’ve been becoming increasingly obsessed with open bookshelves lately, and that whole apartment totally intensifies it! I like how it doesn’t seem to be filled with stuff, just the basics, but still has (beautiful) storage options.

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