My unglamorous life in an artist's loft

The loft was 1500 wide open square feet, shaped like an L. Rent was about the same as what we'd been paying for our studio, which is to say relatively affordable considering the space, but perhaps not when you consider the lack of kitchen, bathroom, and heat. It was cavernous, freezing, and filthy. WE WERE IN. We would live the dream!


Tour a tiny loft with an elevated bed

My house feels too big! After three days in a minimalist loft in Seattle, I'm thinking it's time to hoist the bed and use some of the ideas this small space sent home with me.


Luckiest kid in the world has a bedroom built of LEGO

When you need to add a space for your kid in your one-bedroom condo, what do you do? How about adding a loft made of LEGO blocks? It's a very tiny building material, and it makes for a super cool custom bedroom you've got to see to believe.