Animal House kitchen gadgets for the not-so-serious chef

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Guys, I hate cooking and I hate doing any kind of kitchen activities what-so-ever. But it’s one of those inescapable daily tasks, so when I found the adorable Animal House kitchen gagets, I found the perfect way to make my time in the kitchen suck less, like, WAY less.

It all started with this bad boy. Someone thought it’d be cute to get me and my shark attack victim husband this shark bottle opener, and I became hooked on these things.

This shark paring knife was the next thing we received as a gift (we get a lot of shark gifts), I keep it in a cup on our kitchen counter and use it for EVERYTHING — slicing open plastic wrapped pizzas, opening mail, cutting things, stabbing holes in things before I put ’em in the microwave. This is the most used thing in my kitchen.

These woodpecker scissors are the second most used thing in our kitchen. Aaron broke our first pair and immediately went online and ordered them up again.

Oh monkey peeler, you hardly get used, but you’re cute.

The toucan opener (get it?) is probably my favorite of the designs with the very best name.

My adorable whale ice cream scoop gets a lot of use. Did y’all know that there exists such a thing as Thin Mint ICE CREAM!?

This little guy was a wedding gift from a chef! Not only is he a mouse cheese grater, but he’s also a bowl when you flip him over and he also comes with a little plastic lid for his bottom to store the cheese shavings.

I hate measuring things, but I LOVE filling a rooster head measuring cup with things and then letting the rooster spit it all out!

This piranha pizza cutter makes me crack up every time I use it, which is a ton.

I have to admit, I don’t have this angelfish colander because I don’t have much storage space, so I opted for this collapsable colander instead. But when I get more room, angel fish here is coming to live with me!

Meet the newest member of my kitchen animal family, this turtle cutting board and trivet combo is so cute!

The coolest part about these flying fish whisks are that they are adjustable, so you can pull down that little ring to compress them for easy storage.

Speaking of storage, we can’t seem to have enough hippo chip clips.

Finally, when you’re done with all your kitchen cooking time, here’s a little octopus scrubber to help with the dishes. They’re the perfect size to sit on my sink. They also have an elephant dish brush or a porcupine scrubber.

There are so many more cute and funky Animal House products to make kitchen and house work a little more fun and exciting. Check ’em out on Amazon and I’ve found some of them at Target as well.

Comments on Animal House kitchen gadgets for the not-so-serious chef

  1. I have the hippo clips and the porcupine scrubber and the toucan opener, which instantly makes my day better every time I use it. I didn’t know they had so much awesome stuff, this is very dangerous news for my bank account!

  2. I have the octopus scrubber. The only things I would note are that the top does come off pretty easily, so if you leave it in a sink of water it may open and spill your dish soap. Also, the seam can end up rubbing your finger and hurting a bit since it’s a little sharp. But still awesome. The pointy bits around the bottom are great for hardcore scrubbing.

  3. We have the toucan opener (LOVE IT) and the monkey peeler and the little squid scrubbers.

    I love that they’re actually really functional as well as being adorable.

  4. I’ve seen these around and they are SOOOOO cute, but the slightly-more-serious chef in me has to wonder about how well they work, are they easy to clean, are they durable, and what about storage?? Of course, these are so cute, I’d keep them out and on display. Sadly, we already own perfectly boring functional versions of all these things.


    Maybe just the hippo chip clips for our household.

    • I was actually surprised by their functionality — they’re not just pretty faces, these guys actually work! They’re not professional quality by any means, but they get the job done.

      • Oh I know – our shark knife gets used a ton, and we have the swordfish giant knife too. But that shark is one of the best knives I’ve ever used!

        Also, I love that there’s a post about this line. It makes me so happy. Lately I’ve been running into Animal House stuff at TJ Maxx too.

  5. Your husband was ATTACKED BY A SHARK?? I just checked out the link to your blog. OMFG. I think that was the coolest casual reference to a really freaky thing I have ever seen. Jesus.

    Anyway, I totally put a bunch of those tools on my Target wedding registry a few years ago and they quit selling them! I’m excited you posted the links. That monkey makes me happy and I need it. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, true story! I think we mention it so casually now because we’re surprised there’s anyone left that hasn’t heard the story. I also love catching people by surprise. πŸ˜‰

      And yes, these guys all went on our registry as well!


    My guy keeps on about getting a peeler (I use a knife but he doesn’t like that) and he loves monkeys so a monkey shaped peeler would be perfect. πŸ˜€

      • I use my Monkey peeler. I’m a Y shape peeler person though! I think it depends a bit on your hands, My other half and the kids hate him whereas he sits neatly in my hand and I drop him less than the others… other than a special good grip one. I do have wierd hands though, I’ve got no grip and achey fingers!

    • I have the monkey peeler too and think it’s super functional! I catch my knuckles constantly with the vertical peelers, but I can do a whole pile of potatoes/apples/carrots and still have all my skin if I use my trusty monkey:)

  7. LOVE thin mint ice cream…LOVVVVVVVVVEEEEE it. oh the whale scoop is cute too. Got a little carried away there. did I mention that I love thin mint ice cream? cause I do… seriously

  8. AWESOME! I’m going to cooking school right now, and my knife kit has a purple pairing knife and line green zester in it. I love them dearly, but the moment I can get them, I’m buying all of these! I love making cooking fun and that shark pairing knife looks like a great gift for a microwaver friend of mine I’ll be teaching to cook over summer.

  9. -squeal- That octopus scrubber is so damn cute I don’t even know how to handle it! Now I know what someone can get me for my birthday.

    (Kitchen utensils for birthday gifts? Shit, I really have grown up)

  10. I have most of these! We put them on our wedding registry at Target (which no longer has them.) They are all quite functional. My favorite is the mouse cheese shredder.

  11. Argh, epic UK fail… I really love these, but can’t seem to find them anywhere here.

    Ah well, I can always amuse some customs officials by shipping them in. πŸ™‚

    • I’m in the UK, and I have a monkey peeler. My Dad bought it for me, so I will ask him where it came from! I suspect John Lewis, as I think I’ve seen him in there since. Not seen the knives though!

  12. I think it’s also smart to choose your few appliances based on your kitchen habits. For instance, I own an expensive Kitchen Aid mixer (not frugal), but I use it often because I love to bake. The cost-per-use has come down considerably. Plus, I bought it on sale. The sale meant I didn’t get to choose my favorite color (red), but I did get a white one for a super low price. Thanks for the tips!

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