Creating a gender neutral nursery

Guest post by Jennifer Lill

When I got pregnant I knew that I wanted to give my child a gender-neutral environment to grow up in. I registered for jungle theme decorations and crib sheets.

Initially my sister lived with us when my daughter was born and we were blessed to have her as our nanny for the first year. After my sister moved out I painted the large bedroom she had been in and painted a simple nature mural for my daughter.

These photos are from when we first moved her in to the larger room. The room now has a “big girl” bed and the walls are covered in her artwork and stickers! I look forward to someday painting the room again and helping her to redecorate to express her own style!

Comments on Creating a gender neutral nursery

  1. hooray for NOT pink!! when i was pregnant i was so determined that my daughter's room was not going to be pink, but everything i saw everywhere was PINK! so I ended up painting her (first-not in our current house -yet!) room pale yellow, with a pale blue ceiling, with white fluffy clouds; and stars and rainbows painted freehand around the walls as a border -unfortunately renting isn't ideal, and we moved before she was old enough to appreciate it, but the photos are pretty! I love the idea of playing 'find the birdies' munchkin would love that… *thinks*…hmmmm!

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