Parent’s Night In: coupons for products you can find at the grocery store and use for yourself

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No more food coupons! We want fun stuff. Photo by ilovememphis, used under Creative Commons license.

I know that extreme couponing is a THING and I get it — I’m all over the idea of saving cash on stuff I buy regularly, like food. However, since it’s so widely known that you can buy food, food, and MORE FOOD with all of these amazing printable coupons… I wondered what else might be out there, just waiting to be printed off. Baby stuff, kid stuff, grown-up stuff — you name it, and I bet there’s a coupon out there for it.

I wanted to journey a little deeper into Coupon Land and see if I could use to create an awesome parent/caregiver’s night in for myself (and anyone else who’s interested). It turns out I can — and if you want to join in all you have to do is click the links and print the coupons (so they can be used, guys). Here’s what I found:

After your child(ren) is either asleep or happily set up spending the night with a trusted caregiver, here’s how you can break down your glorious night in:

Gud shampoo: print the coupon or snag it on Amazon.

Start off your night treating yourself to an awesome hair washing: I know that Clorox bought Bert’s Bees and Güd, but I’m still partial to the Bees and their products (and am choosing to believe that they’ll continue to be made the same way they were pre-purchase). As such, this $1 off any Güd product kind of had me giddy: you guys, there really IS a smile built right in (see: the about Güd story). Güd products are free from parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals and they aren’t tested on animals… so I’m a fan!

X-MEN: $3 if you print it or Amazon it.

Then you can move to the couch and watch an awesome movie: you guys, they have coupons for the Alien triology AND the X-Men triology. If you’re more of a literary type, there is a 75-cents-off coupon available for People Español. I actually like to spend random downtime watching old episodes of Rosalinda, so the idea of attempting to decipher a magazine in a language I loosely understand kind of sounds fun to me.

SMUCKERS MMM: here's the coupon, and here's the Amazon link if you're not the couponing type.

Dessert = Ice. Cream. Toppings. I’m not saying Smucker’s is or isn’t awesome (but mmm hot fudge), but this coupon for $1 off two toppings products might sway you.. or convince you to at least give ’em a chance.

So check it! I’ve basically planned your whole night for you. Let someone else watch your kidlet (or wait until he or she goes to sleep), and then pop in the X-Men Triology while reading a magazine and eating hot-fudge laced ice cream. Does that sound dreamy or WHAT?! Just remember to clip and print your faves and have an awesome night! You deserve it, folks.

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  1. I’m all over watching a movie with my husband and eating ice cream!

    On a related note, has anyone else noticed that the “extreme coupon” thing only seems to work if you exclusively or mostly buy processed food??? We have a CSA share (veggies, fruit, and eggs) and we have a quarter bison in our freezer. We get pork and whole chickens or ducks from our farm as well. Most of what we buy at the grocery store are processed foods like cereal and bread and salad dressing, but we rarely buy brands that have those crazy coupon deals.

    • I think it depends on what you have near you! We have an Earth Fare, and they ALWAYS have really good coupons out there. The other day they gave you a free pineapple with a $5 purchase. They also had shrimp at buy one pound, get one free, so I was able to get two pounds of shrimp and a pineapple for $6. I had gotten a box of rice for free after couponing at another grocery store, so I was able to feed our family of four for $6. We use the processed foods to compliment the meal, not make it.

      Do you have a Publix near you? They always send out coupons for $1 off meat, produce, eggs, or any item from their deli if you join their Baby Club (which is free, just sign up online). Combine that with a sale and you have a great deal!

      • No Publix. We have Albertson’s, Safeway, and King Soopers (I always say “Sooooooper!” in my head the way Big Gay Al would.” Oh, and Whole Foods and Sunflower Market. We’re about to get a Trader Joe’s, which I’m inordinately happy about.

      • Earth Fare tends to run some pretty amazing deals. There’s one by my mom’s house and I got an entire free cheese. Like, a delicious, quality, Irish cheese. I believe it was also a free with $5 purchase (though it may have been $15). Pretty awesome.

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