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What were/are your favorite GOOD books for middle schoolers?

I have a brilliant child who enjoys reading, and I love finding her books that are rich and wonderful. My problem is when she goes to school she brings home these terrible junky books with terrible junky writing. If I give my child a reading list she can usually find the book in the schools library, but I am running out of ideas for her age group. Does any one have a favorite book from middle school that I can recommend for her literary treasure hunt?

Let’s talk about what you’re reading right now + my favorite recent grown-up reads

Depending on where you live it’s likely your kids are either already back in school or headed back soon — possibly leaving you with a bit of free time that would usually be spent organizing the house or shepherding everyone from one evening summer event to another. I know we tried having an Offbeat Families Book Club last year to varied degrees of success, so we don’t have to go that route — but I’d love to know what you guys are reading nowadays!

Board game hack: turn Connect 4 into a reading activity

Did you know Connect 4 can be hacked to be a reading game! It’s easy!

Recognizing ourselves in the stories that we read

At bedtime, I read my daughter Alice a story. This has been our nightly ritual since before she was born, but now, after we read together, she reads on her own. She’s always loved stories, but more and more she’s caught up in words. Almost nightly now she pops out to read her dad and me a short passage: beautiful descriptions, scenes that seem especially funny or apt to her.

Parent’s Night In: coupons for products you can find at the grocery store and use for yourself

I know that extreme couponing is a THING and I get it — I’m all over the idea of saving cash on stuff I buy regularly, like food. However, since it’s so widely known that you can buy food, food, and MORE FOOD with all of these amazing printable coupons… I wanted to journey a little deeper into Coupon Land and see if I could use to create an awesome parent/caregiver’s night in for myself (and anyone else who’s interested).

How to talk to little boys

Wondering what the best thing to talk to little boys about is? READING. Daughters are thriving and sons are flailing, and it seems like one solution might be to pick up a book and let your kid see you read for fun.