ZOMG Smells now has ZOMG SOAPS!

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Do y’all remember ZOMG Smells from when we talked about them last fall? Well, I just happened to get my hands on a few samples of their brand spanking new ZOMG SOAPS, and people: I’m super stoked on this. While I love ZOMG Smells’ fragrances, I’m just not a daily wear fragrance type. ZOMG Soaps allows me to integrate the good smells into my daily life — with a potty training toddler in the house, I wash my hands a LOT.

Needless to say, these soaps smell amazing — with names like Baby Unicorn Party and Dr. Zomg’s Superlative Polytonic Mira-suds, you know they’re at least going to smell interesting. But even better, SOME OF THEM ARE SPARKLY.

Come with me as I do my detailed testing right here in my bathroom.

Marmalade Tabby
Ok, this smells like a big plate of kitty-shaped cookies that are half butter, half cream, and half sugar. (Yes, that’s 150% delicious.)

The soap itself is creamy and frothy, but the smell is DEEREESHUSH and I want to jam my fist in my mouth after washing my hands with this.

Garden Nap
First: GLITTER. This soap is caked in iridescent green glitter and white-gold shimmer, which makes me want to strip down and run through a sparkling wildflower field like a pink late-30s pony.

If you’re not into visions of glittery naked field running, this fresh, herbally smelling soap may not be your jam. It’s a pointier fragrance, but the oranges in there keep it fresh.

The Melancholy Soap of Nikola Tesla
When Cat wrote about ZOMG Smells last fall, she mentioned how supremely nerdy they are, and she wasn’t wrong. This soap makes you clean and maybe a little sad. As the ladies from ZOMG explain, “Tesla’s life was brilliant but his death, alone and impoverished in a Manhattan hotel, was a heinous injustice from a bright world that owed him everything.”

This green soap has a toned down, maybe even more masculine fragrance, with sandalwood and violet. Your steampunk dude would love it.

Dr. Zomg’s Superlative Polytonic Mira-suds
Speaking of dudes, this soap was the soapy-hands-down favorite of my husband. It smells a little like cola, but more like a little nutmeg and honey.

Really, you need to go read the full description of this one, which contains the phrase “refreshing cocaine tingle.”

Spacebat Soap
If you like your soap to feel like your heart (BLACK AND SPARKLING!), this is totally the soap meant for you.

Despite its name, it’s got an earthy smell full of rocks and leather, and a bit of charcoal for exfoliating. Also: excellent Halloween costume idea.

Soft Lavender Cake soap
I’m not super into florals, but this one is almost completely redeemed by the cake smells… vanilla? Coconut? Is that buttercream?

One thing’s for sure: it’s got lavender crusted on top.

Hatshepsut’s Bath
Don’t let this soap’s simple yellow appearance fool you. Of all samples I received, this one smells the strongest!

So much sandalwood, and it’s distinctly androgynous — named after an Egyptian queen who wore a beard.

Baby Unicorn Birthday Party soap
With a name like that, YOU KNOW IT SPARKLES! This is one of my favorite fragrances from ZOMG Smells, one of those special occasions smells that I like to slather on with purple eyeshadow and fake eye lashes when going out for a night of ridiculousness. This soap smells equally over-the-top ridiculous, with musk, cake, frosting, and sugar up in your nose holes. What, is my pink sparkly soap too frilly for you? This is the official soap of Pinkie Pie, even though she’s not a unicorn:

Oh and BTW: if all these sound too amazing to pick one, of course you could always get ALL THE THINGS, which gets you a half-bar of all the soaps so that you can lather up and decide for yourself which is your favorite.

So yeah: needless to say, I remain a stupid ZOMG SMELLS fangirl, and suggest you all snag some of this soap for you or a loved one. Now, I go to eat my fist.

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    • Did you read the product description for All The Things on the website?

      Includes the line “Please do not eat them. We don’t really have to say that part, right?” 😀

  1. I’m tempted to get the All The Things pack just for having an order confirmation saying I bought “ALL THE THINGS”. Amazon could save a lot of paper if they’d just write that on my orders.

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