Cooking Challenge Day 3 results: Dinner, dancing, and drinking games

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Look! It's that guy I married eating NOT PIZZA along with me!
Look! It’s that guy I married eating NOT PIZZA along with me!

Ever hear me talk about “that guy I married”? Ever wondered what he was like? For the most part, as far as these videos are concerned, Aaron has been a the deep, sexy voice, interjecting off camera. But he’s also my ally in the “no cooking” daily lifestyle. Dude eats more frozen pizza than I do, if you can believe it. But on day three of the challenge, he got home early enough to partake in the non-pizza dinner eating. (And also shows off his fabulous “T-rex arms” dance, and well, must I mention the sexy voice thing again?)

Also featured on this dinner video: The drinking game I invented based on how much I whine. I call it “wine for whine.” So pour yourself a glass and feel free to play along as you watch…

WARNING: Once again, Megan is in a kitchen making things, there will be swear words.

Who else attempted the “vaguely Middle Eastern” dinner? What did you think? I loooooved the rice, but was not-so-much stoked on the cauliflower.

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  1. Love. It.

    Although watching this clip hasn’t made me feel hungry, I AM being overcome by the urge to pitch “Emma Stone cooking comedy” to some film producers. Weird huh?

  2. My husband would so pop his head into the frame like that too! And OMG you two are so cute! Loving these videos! (There can not be enough !!’s in this comment so !!!)

  3. I said it a couple of days ago and I’ll say it again – Megan, you’re cooking and cooking fairly easily!!!!!!!!!

    Happy dance in my office chair on your behalf!!!!

    • YAY! Thanks KT. You know, it’s all my buddy Jessica’s doing. She forces me to participate in the dinners she makes me every week, and it’s really given be a lot more chops. Not THAT much more, clearly, but I’m feeling more confident in the kitchen… ish.

  4. I think we have the same wine glasses. Does that one also have a polka dot and striped ones in the set?

    Saffron yellow rice is another great rice option (perhaps more mediterranean than middle eastern?) You can get it prepackaged, too, if the spices are too much trouble ( Throw in some veggies (wilted spinach, tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichokes, bell pepper or whatever you prefer) and its a super easy, knock off paella.

    • HA! If I had the camera rolling, you would have had a Megan’s “My Drugged Kitchen” episode this morning, when I tried to make oatmeal while on pain meds, and found out my oven was broken. Lots of stumbling and confusing. Actually… not much different than my normal vids.

  5. “Try not to divorce me, but I don’t think I like King Crimson.” Haaaaa!

    Like, I’m a picky-ass, but I genuinely do not understand why people eat cauliflower? No matter how I try to do it, it always just tastes like I’ve sprinkled spices on a condom. BLECK.

    • ROFL!
      I love cauliflower, raw or cooked. I can’t explain the attraction. I have a friend who has a thing for guys with big noses ( and no, that’s not a euphemism — their actual noses ). It’s like that. Inexplicable.

    • I hate cauliflower. But a giant head of it came in my CSA box and I can’t waste food so I invented a thing that made it edible, AKA “this is kind of like a lasagna casserole only with cauliflower instead of noodles maybe? I don’t know, put more cheese on it”, and it came out pretty good.

      I’ll submit a guest post recipe maybe?

  6. That guy you married has a sexy trex arms dance and you two are adorable. And yes, nthing that you’re actually handling yourself pretty well in the kitchen – just read the directions before you get started. 😉

  7. I’m thinking “My Drunk Kitchen” should be a monthly OBH installment. It was hilarious, and you sound exactly like me in the kitchen, and I’m a pretty decent cook. The swearing doesn’t go away, regardless of skill level.

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