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Cooking challenge final results: Lasagnes and lessons learned

In which I give y’all the breakdown of my last few challenge meals, including a video with a special guest star. Then I break down the over all results of this whirlwind week of cooking and learning.

Cooking Challenge Day 4 results: The dog ate my homework, and the great pepper debacle of 2014

You know, when I started this challenge, I was worried that it wouldn’t be difficult enough for me. Bwahahahaha. Oh hubris. Look at me — I make one salad several times week on my own and I think I’m a fucking master chef. But I forgot that I’m rotten luck in the kitchen. As you can tell by my videos, I spend as much time dropping things and searching for wayward ingredients as I do actually being competent. That’s why the Day Four’s breakfast’s disaster was NOT surprising, but totally disheartening…

Cooking Challenge Day 3 results: Dinner, dancing, and drinking games

Ooh, Homies, are you in for a treat. Ever hear me talk about “that guy I married”? Ever wondered what he was like? On day three of the challenge, my shy dude came out of hiding and is featured pretty prominently. Also featured on this dinner video: The drinking game I invented based on how much I whine. I call it “wine for whine.” So pour yourself a glass and feel free to play along as you watch…

Cooking Challenge Day 3 results: Blessed breakfast relief, and a lunch fail

Oh. My. Gawd. How amazing was it to wake up this morning and be able to eat immediately? It was MEGA amazing. I’m telling you, eating that bowl of granola cereal felt like a fucking vacation. Not because it was zomgtastey, or anything. I mean, it was — that granola is good. But it was just easy, and it gave me some time to relax in the morning. But lunch was a different story — actually, lunch was a similar story…

Cooking Challenge Day 5 recipes: Oatmeal, Greek-ish salad, and finally some meat!

Here are the final recipes of the challenge. We got an excuse to use more of the oats you didn’t use to make the granola, and the goat cheese left over from the frittata. We have a “Greek-ish” salad that has lots of ingredients, but not a lot of work. And finally… here comes the meat! Our one non-vegetarian meal will be my first slow cooker recipe. Offbeat Homie Laura submitted this to us, and she swears it’s easy and delicious. Get your slow cookers reader, and let’s do this…

Cooking Challenge Day 2 results: The drama with frittata and the taco salad

In which Megan wrestles with a frittata, plays a dangerous game with goat cheese, and tackles a taco salad.

Cooking Challenge Day 4 recipes: Egg in a hole, banana in a sandwich, and lasagne

Today’s the day to have foods served inside other foods! Eggs inside toast, bananas inside buns, and cheese and spinach inside layers of noodles! Forgive me for the lunch “recipe” — Thursdays are busy days and I’m on the go all day long, so I needed a quick lunch that would be easy to take with me. Plus, I’ve always wanted to try Ariel’s Pee-Wee Herman-approved banana dog. (“Viral banana dog” is a great band name, btw.)

Remember our April patron Jackie? She shared with me her easy go-to lasagne recipe for din-din.

Cooking Challenge Day 1 results: Summer salad success and dinner duds

In which Megan makes lunch and dinner from Day One’s meal plan, and meets with success! I mean, it’s still success if it’s poorly timed, right?