This new comic book company is coming in hard with rad & diverse new stories

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New comic book publisher, TKO Studios, launched just this month and has big ol’ plans to take on the comic book industry. We’re talking the inclusion of some heavy hitting creators (who are ALL getting cover recognition — editors, colorists, and letterers included), and stories from new and diverse voices and a focus on readers instead of investors. That’s the idea anyway.

It very much reflects where creators of all types should be heading to reach more audiences and add some representation into a medium that has been lacking for decades. With women-led films now proving to be more financially successful than men-led films and diversity taking center stage (and killer reviews) in all genres, it’s time comic books start reflecting a more representative audience, too.

Here’s a little more from the TKO Studios website (use the password “vipaccess” to see it)…

TKO Studios seeks to redefine the comic book industry creatively and commercially.

TKO Studios was founded by award-winning comic book, entertainment, business and tech professionals. We create unique takes on established genres, promoting diverse and exciting voices that reflect the modern audience.

Our aim is to publish high quality books and expand the comic book audience using modern methods of marketing, distribution, and audience engagement. We proudly offer the premier issue of each new miniseries available for free digital download.

This new comic book company is coming in hard with rad & diverse stories - TKO Studios
I recently saw a sneak peek from writer, professor, editor, and comic book author Roxane Gay that got me especially excited for what they have in store. Her feature, The Banks, is about three generations of Black women in Chicago working together to pull off the heist of a lifetime to avenge a death.

Gay (Hunger, World of Wakanda) will write alongside artist Ming Doyle (The Kitchen, Hellblazer, Girl Comics), colorist Jordie Bellaire (Redlands, Pretty Deadly, The Vision), and letterer Ariana Maher (James Bond: 007, Nancy Drew).

Look out for more from creators like Garth Ennis, Jeff Lemire, Joshua Dysart, Mike Weiss, Natalie Chaidez, Salvatore Simeone, Steven Simeone, Tze Chun, Alberto Ponticelli, Andy Belanger, Artyom Trakhanov, Dan McDaid, Gabriel Walta, Nik Virella, Steve Epting, Daniela Miwa, Elizabeth Breitweiser, Giulia Brusco, Jordan Boyd, Ruth Redmond, Ariana Maher, Jared K. Fletcher, Rob Steen, and Steve Wands.

If you’re not already into comic books (maybe because they don’t usually respresent you?), now may be the time to start flipping through.

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