One clip-on chandelier with endless style

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Apparently Pottery Barn Teen used to sell this really cool “Compose-It Chandelier.” (They don’t anymore, for some dumb reason!)

But the super-crafty LolliePatchouli saw it in a magazine and had her “sweet and talented man build one at a price we could afford.” And she has tips for how you could DIY one too…

I’m thrilled that our chandelier is “loveable.” I imagine a similar look could be achieved by attaching metal binder clips to a hanging drum shade. A double or triple tiered one would look even more like our light. A big, irregular coil of heavy wire surrounding a ceiling light could have paper items easily clipped all over it…

LolliePatchouli has been having fun re-styling it for almost every season for years now. Check out all the ways she’s had fun with this clip-on chandelier…

Book pages, cards, and photos


Chandelier Lit

Packing paper from Crate & Barrel

Chandelier Spring 2012

Light and airy for Spring — it’s like layers of petticoats. That’s why I let the black metal frame and clips show; to keep it from being too “sweet.”

Sheet music and plants

Christmas Eve 2011

Pages from an old music book and sprigs of Hemlock, were a last minute change to the chandelier for Christmas Eve.

Pages from an old world atlas

Chandelier (Time for a Change)

I found an old world atlas, with pages just the right size for our “clip” chandelier. I really like how I catch glimpses of map on the backs of each page as I walk by.

What all would you clip to this awesome and ever-changing clip on chandelier?

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  1. I can think of all kinds of things! Any of these, alone or in combination. Lace. Sheer scarves. Store-bought pie-tin bottoms with designs punched in them. Aluminum foil with stencil-like designs carefully cut out. Feathers. Silk flowers and/or leaves. Kombucha “leather”. Lots and lots of prisms. Christmas balls. Hallowe’en fake cobwebs. Twigs, maybe with cloth between. Burlap. Tassles. Damasque. Grasscloth. Flattish baskets. Fans. Christmas lights. Strings of transparent or translucent beads. Mardi Gras beads. Christmas-tree icicles. Wrapping paper, especially the holographic kind. Fishing-net. Manilla folders with designs cut out of them. Old straw hats. Ribbons. I’d better stop now.

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