Clean a stubborn burn off an oven floor with this special trick

Guest post by Kim Leone
By: Ethan – CC BY 2.0
By: EthanCC BY 2.0

I think I found a good way to clean a stubborn burn off an oven floor without going through a can of Easy Off (or similar products) — and it worked without scratching my oven.

how to clean an oven burn

I tried Easy Off seven times over a 12-hour period, and it just wasn’t doing the trick. So I mixed a gel packet of Finish Dishwasher Detergent with about 1/2 cup of Baking Soda till it was a very thick paste — adding just enough water to make it a gooey-watery paste (not runny). Then I poured the mixture on top of the spill (it was about 5″x4″ wide and thin). Turned on the oven ’til the mixture bubbled, and then turned off the oven. When the oven cooled, I added a little more water to the paste to make it gooey again, then turned on the oven again till the mixture bubbled.

When the oven cooled enough to touch without getting burned, I used a metal pancake flipper turned upside down and gently scraped the mess up. It got the burned off goop without scratching the surface of the oven.

I imagine if the stain is “thick” you might have to do it more than once, but I had gone through several cans of Easy Off to clean my two ovens and one stain was still there. Now, it’s gone!

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  1. Thank you for the tip, I will definitely try it. Did you try the baking soda – vinegar mixture first? It’s pretty strong, and it can remove very stubborn stains if you give it the time to work. And all you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda, pour vinegar on top of it, and leave it for about 12 hours, so the solution can do its job. Then you should be able to wipe off everything without much effort.

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