How grown-ups make new friends: handing out coupons

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Making friends as adults is WEIRD. I actually had a conversation with fellow editor Megan about it a few weeks back. We grew up with LOTS of people to make friends with: hey, you like playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, too? I’m gonna be Leonardo, you be Raphael, and we’ll spend all of preschool fighting crime and saving April.

NOW, though — it can be really hard to make new friends. I don’t even have time to see my current friends, let alone make enough consistent dates with new people that we can bond.

The Saminal has a solution!

A New Way to Make Friends

We’re hoping to hand these out to people we meet that we’d like to be friends with. We have trouble transitioning from meeting someone cool to establishing an actual friendship with said cool person.

These tokens are our take on calling cards but a little less formal and a lot more homemade.

What would you do if someone handed you one?

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one having difficulty making adult friends. My husband and I moved to Phoenix from Tucson (only a few hours away), but I’m going to grad school online (I miss the classroom!) and working less than part time for a small non-profit and don’t really interact with other people that much. We’ve made some friends through my husbands classmates, but I’d love to meet other adult ladies to just share good conversation with. It’s SOOO awkward. All this time I thought it might be me. Glad to know the awkwardness is everywhere.

  2. Anyone out there in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada??? Or am I the only one??? My friend Bernice turned me on to this website, but I already know her! 😀

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make new adult friends in my area but nothing seems to work. I’m originally from Southern Va & had tons of friends back home but since moving to the DC /Northern Va area I feel out of place & having new friend anxiety. My fiancé is a total nerd & happy to sit at home, however I’m too much of social butterfly to sit around all day. Those tokens look like an awesome way to meet people. If any of you ladies live in the area & would like an off beat lady friend or just like eating cupcakes (I’m an avid baker) feel free to reply!

  4. I have such a hard time making friends. 🙁 Being an “adult” (I’m 25!) trying to make friends is ridiculously hard. (Anybody in Richmond, VA?)

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