jordan4-600x446 For years I’ve been stumbling across reposted photos of mini mobile homes – small wooden houses with about 100 square feet of living space mounted on a trailer. They’re brilliant, minimalist, and spark in me a deep wanderlust. However, each post has been a repost of a repost of a repost, so these mini mobile homes have been like falling in love with a design concept of a project and never being able to find it in a store. I wondered if anyone actually used these incredible tiny homes, or if they were just a hipster fever dream.

despite the outside warm weather, the house stays at a quite pleasant temperature

Don’t lose heart, tiny house lovers. The Tiny House Movement is real! Thanks to an enthusiast’s blog, we can all follow along as Bryce builds his tiny dream home — which he expects to complete this spring. I like to fantasize about living the Tiny Home life – on the road with my itty bitty log cabin – and we all can learn a bit about space management in a tight spot. I know I’m going to try to glean tricks on optimizing space in our wee bathroom. Read about Bryce’s project at My Mini Mobile Cottage Building Journey.

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  1. There’s a movie on Netflix called Tiny: A Story About Living Small. It profiles people who have tiny houses, a guy/couple building one, etc. It was very interesting.

    • Loved it! Also, there’s a tv series called Tiny House Nation. They show the build, some of the struggles with minimizing and then check back with the homeowner/couples/families after living tiny for awhile.

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