SUPER SQUEE!Kids emulate the adults in their lives. So why wouldn’t your son imitate you babywearing his younger sibling? Why not foster nurturing behavior in our boys? Some boys like baby dolls! Big deal!

Etsy seller Squarepear has the right idea with this blue camo ring sling for boys. What a great way to prepare your sons for a new baby in the house, or to illustrate gentleness to a smaller sibling or friend.

Squarepear makes girly baby doll slings too, and even some for dads!

Comments on Boys play with dolls!

    • Of course, with that handy ring on there, I'm sure we'd find Beary hanging all over the house! There is nothing better than have that sling turn into a parachute or sleeping bag or sling shot!

  1. I babysat some ratbags, and one of them, who was four or so, used to wheel a dolls pram around with all his soft toys, put them to bed, feed them etc etc, and his parents were freaking and wondering if he was gay (rolls eyes). I just hope he doesn't get put off by that coz if he does end up getting married / having children he will be a GREAT dad 😛

  2. I totally agree. And I also noticed the seller posed the boy with a stuffie and not a babydoll, but in her ring slings for girl children, theyre pink and holding baby dolls. But when I searched Etsy for this item, squarepear was the only maker of ring slings or babydoll carriers for kids that had ANY items deemed for boys or using a boy in the photographs. But its a step in the right direction.

  3. I wish people would realize prior to the 1900s, pink was NOT the color for little girls, light blue was. Also, pink was intended to be made into boy's birthday cards and light blue into girl's birthday cards but a mix-up at the print shop made the girls into pink and boys into blue. If it hadn't been for one simple mess up by a printing shop, boys would probably be wearing pink rompers now!!

  4. Thank you Emily – My reaction exactly…proud for the post, but really struggled to read through it without feeling put into a box all over again. Thanks for your articulate response!!

  5. Haha! I love it. My younger brother (who will be 17 in April) used to carry around his stuffed bear and used a doll sling my mom made for the sister just older than him. It was pink and flowery and he didn't care. He would also randomly flip up his shirt and nurse his bear. I love that my mom just let him play as he was, and of course now he's just as masculine as any other guy I know 😉

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