Get sexy (even geeky!) boudoir photos from Portland-based The Sensual Photographer

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We’ve talked about boudoir photography over on Offbeat Bride with Why you should consider boudoir photos. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my body. Much like the title implied, one of our plus sized Tribesmaids called her boudoir session “honestly the most liberating experience of my life.”

If you’d like to feel liberated yourself, celebrate the body you love, learn to love the body you have, or give the gift of your sexy-ass self to a special someone(s), you can do so at a special discount with our Oregon-based sponsor, The Sensual Photographer.

Photographing people is The Sensual Photographer Kara Pesznecker’s passion. She told me that through her portraiture, she not only discovered her love of wedding photography, but also an appreciation for the unique beauty of the female form in all its sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities. As Kara herself said:

To me boudoir isn’t just about getting into a skimpy outfit and taking photos… it is about make all women of every shape and size feel sexy in whatever they are wearing.

When you book a session with Kara, she’ll encourage you to think creatively about your outfits, and prompt you to bring fun props that celebrate who you are and what makes you feel sexy. (Your roller derby skates? Your fandom accoutrements? Or maybe it’s nothing but your favorite lingerie that shows off your gorgeous ink.)

I focus on not only creating images that are fun and sexy, but that are also artistic. My goal as a boudoir photographer is not only to empower women, but to give them exceptional artwork that they star in and could even, if they are daring, feel comfortable displaying in their homes.

Hey, my fellow geeky Homies, if straight-up boudoir shoots aren’t your style, The Sensual Photographer also offers “Fantasy shoots” — mermaids, fairies, magic, steampunk-themed… you name your subculture, she’ll turn it into a sexy art.

Ooh, and can we talk about Kara’s Homie-specific discount?

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: The Sensual Photographer is offering 15% discount on all sessions, along with a free 8×10 print. Just mention that you saw her on Offbeat Home when you book your boudoir session.

The Sensual Photographer’s boudoir packages start at $165, so with this discount it’s clear that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to show off your arms and legs. (Sorry, I get silly around gorgeous nekked people.) Do it for yourself, do it for your lovah, or do it just for funzies — just make sure you do it with The Sensual Photographer.

Comments on Get sexy (even geeky!) boudoir photos from Portland-based The Sensual Photographer

  1. i would love to do this!!

    i see boudoir photographers all the time on like living social, but it weirds me out to do that with someone i just met off livingsocial…?

    if i was in portland i would SO BE THERE. im jealous.

  2. *Love it!* I have to look into this in my city, there must be someone who does it. There are plenty of fabulous freaky people round these here parts, I’ll ask around.

    I really like seeing other people’s too. There’s something very soulful about a picture of someone taken in a way that’s meaningful to them, regardless of what their body is like. The ones above are all beautiful.

    • Hi Jan, I know some fabulous boudoir photographers from all over the country. If you want to send me a message with where you are located I could probably point you in the direction of a wonderful photographer in your area. I love helping ladies set up their first boudoir sessions!

      • I’m abroad, but thank you *so* much for offering. I’m sure I’ll find someone close if I have enough of a look. Thanks for sharing your work here, it’s lovely :).

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