This little girl recreated photos of indomitable black women for Black History Month

Guest post by Cristi Jones
All photos by Cristi, Lola, and history.

I am a melanin-challenged, biracial mother to two beautiful little girls. Growing up closer to black family, I always had a love of black history. So when I had my own children, I knew it would be important for them to be strong and confident — owning the skin they’re in, with a strong understanding of the struggles that came before them.

My five year old daughter, Lola, is in Kindergarten. Understanding that Black History is not something that would necessarily be given much priority at that age, and knowing my daughter’s love of playing dress up, I set out to make learning black history fun for her.

Starting February 1, we recreated a photo of an inspiring, indomitable black woman, and talk about her legacy. We shared the photos on social media, with a bio of each woman we feature.

Here’s are some of the photos we took and shared…

As a result, the support has been tremendous… Others are learning along with us. Lola’s teacher began putting each day’s photo up on the screen and using it as a teaching aide. Her school has posted some of the photos in the hallway near the main office. And most importantly, my shy, sweet daughter is becoming empowered, gaining confidence and opening up at school.

What began as a fun way to teach my little one has turned into a beautiful way to spotlight the lives of courageous women, who paved the way for little girls like my daughter to do, or be, anything they want!

How do you celebrate Black History month with your kids?

Comments on This little girl recreated photos of indomitable black women for Black History Month

  1. Excellent! I love how your daughter manages to replicate their facial expressions so perfectly. She has a real talent for that.
    I love that you shared this with her school. Not only does it raise awareness of important historical figures, but the kids can make a connection between the adults these women became and the children they started from.

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