5 birth announcement videos to rule them all

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We’ve talked about the great love for birth videos that I have — and now I’ve found a collection of super cute (and yes, one of them is Star Wars-themed) birth ANNOUNCEMENT videos. You know — lovely little ways to say, “Hey, remember that time we told you we were having a baby? OH HEY, HERE IT IS!”

Like this absolutelyfuckingadorable stop-motion masterpiece from Don Rob, which announced the birth of his daughter, Althea Elicona:

I love this video from Ben Coccio, which uses newspaper clips to consider the possibilities for his daughter’s future:

Rebecca’s video opens up with a shot of someone playing Pacman. Insta-gold!

Bryan and Sandra’s Star Wars-themed video has a few Burning Man inside jokes buried in it, but it’s still accessible. AND IT’S STAR WARS-THEMED.

Totally smitten with Laure and Ludo’s video celebrating one-week-old Damien. It’s filled with super cute new baby moments… and a sweet jam session.

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  1. I love the first one. What I would like to know is how did she have her hair styled the exact same way in every shot? Amazing video.

  2. OMG this is the best post ever. I am so mad that I didn’t think of the idea for the 1st video posted…31 weeks is a bit late to start that. OMG sooooo amazing though!

  3. Wow, all the announcement videos are amazing, and such a lovely idea. Can anyone recommend any programmes to make your own videos? (preferably free ones!)

  4. Thanks for your prompt reply Stephanie, the info on the link is really useful. Cheers!

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