5 birth announcement videos to rule them all

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We’ve talked about the great love for birth videos that I have — and now I’ve found a collection of super cute (and yes, one of them is Star Wars-themed) birth ANNOUNCEMENT videos. You know — lovely little ways to say, “Hey, remember that time we told you we were having a baby? OH HEY, HERE IT IS!”

Like this absolutelyfuckingadorable stop-motion masterpiece from Don Rob, which announced the birth of his daughter, Althea Elicona:

I love this video from Ben Coccio, which uses newspaper clips to consider the possibilities for his daughter’s future:

Rebecca’s video opens up with a shot of someone playing Pacman. Insta-gold!

Bryan and Sandra’s Star Wars-themed video has a few Burning Man inside jokes buried in it, but it’s still accessible. AND IT’S STAR WARS-THEMED.

Totally smitten with Laure and Ludo’s video celebrating one-week-old Damien. It’s filled with super cute new baby moments… and a sweet jam session.

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  1. Wow, all the announcement videos are amazing, and such a lovely idea. Can anyone recommend any programmes to make your own videos? (preferably free ones!)

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