It’s Back to School shopping time! Check out elephant backpacks, rainbow lunch boxes, and more

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Oh, Ladybug Skip Hop Zoo backpack: I love you.

Y’all ready to GET EXCITED about colored pencils and snap rulers?! This list is chock full of all kinds of goodies — elephant backpacks, reusable snack bags made from organic cotton, and OF COURSE many a colorful, bright, or otherwise delightful back to school accessory.

School supplies

These colored pencils come in a set of 36 AND have their own metal tin — so once the pencils are gone, your kiddo will still have the tin to tote who-knows-what in… maybe more pencils! If they aren’t your jam, the standard Crayola 50ct Long Colored Pencils are always around.

WHOA. Many thanks to BAZIC for introducing me to the possibility of colorful rulers. Add some glitter and we’ll be JAMMIN’ in math class!

HELLO SNAP RULERS! They’re 1/2 bracelet, 1/2 actual real-life measuring accessory.

This composition recycled book is 100% recycled, and there’s also a recycled wire bound option available.

Backpacks and bags


Lunchboxes and snack totes

In keeping with our super adorable animal theme, this Fox Lunch Bag would be an awesome way to tote your lunch around, amIright?

Unless an Elephant number is more your style!

You can also customize your kid’s lunch boxes at Frecklebox… and it’ll ship for free when you use the code FREESHIPPING. EXTRA FUN: you can also customize binders and notebooks.

And of course there are 85928303429 bento lunch options… like alien-themed numbers.

Who says the kiddos get to have ALLLLLLLLLLL the cute eating accessories? You could use this apple-decorated sandwich bag and take your food to work! Or the park! Or wherever you go during the day.

These organic snack bags are made out of organic cotton and eliminate the need for plastic baggies — and they have cheerful designs!

Accessories and fun stuff

How AWESOME is this Retro Camera Pencil Sharpener?! Awesome enough to make you start using regular ol’ #2 pencils again.

While a customizeable belt from Switch PROBABLY isn’t on your kid’s Back to School list, they’re pretty badass and guaranteed to delight many folks who are 8 and up.

Comments on It’s Back to School shopping time! Check out elephant backpacks, rainbow lunch boxes, and more

  1. Loving the monster and robots totes! Especially the customizable metal monsters lunch box. I think I might get them for myself – who says only your kid can fun lunch totes!

  2. I want the ruler bracelet! And the snack bags! And the fox lunch bag! The best part of going back to school was going back to school shopping. 🙂

  3. I have an insulated ladybug lunchbox with GOOGLY EYES 😀 I luffs it!

    I always hated school but the shopping for new stationery was the best.

  4. I use a Skip Hop backpack to bring all of my son’s things to daycare each day. It’s the Frog one- so cute!

    The front pouch is for extra cloths and shoes, the side pouch for a drink I use to put his hat in, and the main section fits “Gee”- his blanket that has to go back and forth from home to daycare.

  5. This post has made me want to cry with frustration! Just fell in love with the skip hop penguin lunchie and it’s not available in the UK! Too cute

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