Drop-side cribs are now contraband, so here are 30 ways to reuse that baby bed

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After many safety issues, the US has outlawed drop-side cribs. Now, this can be a boon for Homies — have you any idea how many projects you can make with a disused crib? No? Consignment Mommies thinks there are at least 30 projects waiting in all those cribs people are dumping.

Ask around: maybe a friend had one waiting in the attic that’s now destined for the trashcan, or maybe offering to pick up unwanted cribs via an ad on Craigslist will net you the raw matrials. And then you can make these projects:

Country Home added wire and made a wall-hanging office organizer. Photo courtesy Country Home.

Take it from crib to bench, why not? Photo courtesy The Old White Cottage.
Allison Kimball used frosted glass to make a message board/posting center for the family. Photo courtesy allisonkimball.com.

Find more ideas for an old crib — imagine a chalkboard, a plate rack, and more — on Consignment Mommies.

Comments on Drop-side cribs are now contraband, so here are 30 ways to reuse that baby bed

  1. The benches and magazine racks are actually really cute.
    Really cute. Now I kind of wish I knew people with grown babies. I might have to garage sale hunt for a crib.

  2. Is this a dumb question?
    Couldn’t you just affix a new front to the crib? The issue is the gap between the drop front and the crib edge, right? IS THIS CRAZY?

    Anyway, I love all of these ideas. I think most cribs are a DIY project waiting to happen.

    • Part of it is all that the drop gates can drop when they shouldn’t. BUT They’ve only outlawed the sale, resale and manufacture. You can use one if you have it and if you want, against “official recommendation.” You can alter one you have however you want and use it. You can build a crib of whatever self determined design you like.

  3. Very cute ideas!! I love the bench, a worthy DIY project for my sheltered veranda…I’ve been looking for a great piece of furniture for out there on the cheap, and the bench fills all the requirements.

    Although I don’t have a dropside crib currently, I do have access to a free one which would be worth the upcycle.

  4. we cut the legs off ours, left off one end panel, sewed four walls and a ceiling out of felt and ta-da! wicked awesome playhouse. we will be cutting out a window and an entrance from the doghouse sewn on the outside…

  5. It would be great if thy could come up with an alternative crib built so short people could reach in and take care of the baby. It is impossible to reach over the stationary crib side to attend to a baby lying in it. I guess they never thought of that!

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