Make your own “12 Beers of Christmas” gifts

Guest post by Ms. Are'ite

=12 Beers of Christmas DIYIt can be a challenge when it comes to Christmas shopping for your spouse, friend, parent, or co-worker… but the gift of booze is usually a win! The downside, however, is that a pre-packaged box or carton of booze can also come across as “easy” or “thoughtless.”

So how do you give beer and yet still retain the thoughtfulness?

I’ve experimented with different ways to gift booze — my first creation being a beer advent calendar made from an over-the-door shoe organizer. Not too bad… if you don’t mind warm beer, right?

Well, I recently stumbled across a box that gave me an idea — a 12 bottle storage box could be transformed into “The 12 Beers of Christmas!”

Now, I know there are 12 Beers of Christmas and pre-packaged beer advent calendars on the market, but they are filled by a corporation. How do big beer companies know what my giftee likes? (Do they really want that random peach ale or light beer?) Creating my own box lets me curate a boozy medley I know my gift-ee will love! Bavarian beers? Home brews? Local brews? Combinations are limitless!

I also wanted the box to be an experience — like an advent calendar — where each day holds a new surprise you can tear into!

So here’s what a little experimentation created using “The Best Box.” (Don’t forget to pick up the partitions for the box — sold separately — unless you prefer to make your own.)

Here are the tools I used:


  1. Mark out the “doors” on the lid.
  2. In between the horizontal rows of doors, use a compass cutter to cut out circles. (This helps your giftee open each door individually.)
  3. I used a perforating wheel down the marked lines and then lightly traced over them with an X-acto knife so that the doors are still attached to the lid, but can also be easily torn off.
  4. Fold up that lid and box.
  5. After you’ve filled the box with your selection of booze, glue the lid to the box to prevent peeking!

You can decorate, or not decorate, however you wish: Wrapping paper, paint, brown paper packaging tied up with string… Go for it!

Comments on Make your own “12 Beers of Christmas” gifts

  1. This is an AMAZING idea!!! I give the gifts of booze to many on my list, and this is a wonderful way to gift them creatively. I love it! I also love that it could be adapted for wine bottles with a taller box. Thanks for sharing!

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