Russian goth mama

Photo by Lesta
Sweetest kiss from a badass mama. Photo by Lesta

Some of you may remember a while back when I featured this Russian goth wedding on Offbeat Bride. Well, Pushba and Grater have gone on to have a child, and Moscow photographer Lesta's photos of the two of them with their daughter Lada are simply stunning…For more of Lesta's amazing photos of this Russian family (including a couple of mildly NSFW maternity and breastfeeding images) keep reading!

Photo by Lesta
Photo by Lesta
Photo by Lesta
Grater and his daughter. Photo by Lesta
Photo of Pushba by Lesta
Pregnant Pushba, by Lesta
Photo of Pushba and her daughter by Lesta
Photo of Pushba and her daughter by Lesta

If you're as enchanted by this dark-but-sweet young Russian family as I am, you can visit Pushba's livejournal … it's all in Russian, but adorable baby videos speak the universal language of Awwww.

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  1. sigh!! I love the last photo! She is beautiful and sensuous and breastfeeding and its beautiful!!

    1 agrees
  2. it's like an ENTIRE family of hyper-photogenic people. I want to lock them all up in a photography studio and never let them leave!!! I love these guys.

    2 agree
  3. I especially like the photo of her preggers wearing the garter. That is just so stunning!

    3 agree
  4. This couple, and now family, is adorable. They're all beautiful.

    It's amazing how often Pushba's hair changes! I checked out the site and the first page has 3 different styles, on top of the 3 pictured here.

  5. The last portrait is gorgeous! the syle and color is so -dare i say it?- artemisia gentilescha! Stunning!

  6. There is something strangely alluring of these beautiful photos. I find myself coming back to look at them just one more time. Stunning.

  7. such a beautiful family! The videos she has posted on youtube are adorable, such a cuddly lil' gorgeous baby these two stunning people made 😀

  8. I have to agree with everyone!!! Why are they so beautiful?!?! It hurts my brain!!!!

  9. Wow! They are really exquisite!! Even preggers she is like a marble statue!!! Love it.

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