Beer lovin’ baby

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Thanks for the photo, Kateler!
Photo courtesy of kateler!

Seriously, if you can’t have fun with your kids then what is the point?!

Thanks to kateler for submitting this awesome photo to the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool! If you have photos of you or your kids you’d like to share, please upload them to our Flickr pool. We love looking at ’em!

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  1. You know what's rad? Rad is scrolling through the new OBM and having your future (offbeat, natch) husband peep over your shoulder to say, "WHAAAAAT" about an incredo cute kid and then being able to say, "Hey, that's baby Ruby!" Ruby never stops being cute, and Kate and Steve continue to raise one of the coolest little people I know. Three cheers for Offbeat Mamas (and Papas)!

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