Meet Otis Kryzanauskas, Canada's only male registered midwife

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Photo courtesy of Peter Power/The Globe and Mail.

Our (Canadian) copy editor Caroline loves to point out all the ways that Canada is cool — ketchup chips and all. But when she shared this bit about the country's first registered male midwife I was intrigued:

Otis Kryzanauskas will soon be Canada's only registered, practising male midwife. And while the disadvantages a man faces in the field are obvious, the 25-year-old from Kimberley, Ont. says the fact that he will never give birth offers one unexpected edge: "Some women don't want their experience coloured by the [personal] experience of their midwife," he says. "I don't tell people, 'Well, I did this, you can do it.'"

Mr. Kryzanauskas told The Globe and Mail he's happy to be a pioneer, but has hardly had time to beat the drum for male midwives – he's been too busy attending to nearly 100 births.

Why midwifery?

Maybe it was having seen someone give birth in that particular manner – a natural home birth with midwives in attendance. It just seemed like the right way to do things. That's not to say I never considered going into obstetrics, but … I really do enjoy the continuity of care: meeting a client for the six months before delivery and then the six weeks after, you just get to know her and her family and the baby really well.

Kryzanauskas also cut this brother's umbilical cord… which you can read all about.

Question: it seems that plenty of folks opt for a male OB/GYN with no problem — if going the midwife route, does the sex of your midwife matter to you?

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