A blubbering farewell to Cat Rocketship

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I’mma just rip the Bandaid off on this one: unfortunately, Offbeat Home’s advertising can no longer support the site having a dedicated managing editor, so our beloved Cat Rocketship is moving on. This is fucking sad, and honestly I don’t really want to talk about it. It feels like one of the Empire’s limbs got amputated. Cat’s got a few posts left to go up this week (and may contribute guestposts in the future?), but Megan and I are now tag-teaming as Offbeat Home’s editors.

For those of you who, like me, are already itching at your Cat Rocketship-shaped stumps, you can follow her on Twitter @CatRocketship and online at Hipster Housewife.

Oh and PS: Thanks for all the emails, but we are NOT looking for a replacement editor (not even on a volunteer basis). If you want to get involved with the site, please consider submitting!

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