Pregnant and polyamorous: On dating a potential lover while pregnant by your husband

My husband and I were a month into trying to conceive when we I peed on that stick and got the great news that I was pregnant. As we sat looking at the third positive pregnancy test, I excitedly and nervously thought about who we would tell first: parents, siblings, in-laws, and that fantastic man that I started dating… I debated and decided that being pregnant would not be a barrier to pursuing him as a lover, my husband concurred — but I wasn't sure if he would feel the same.


"The recipes I loved were giving me the finger": Adapting to my child's life-threatening food allergies as a foodie

I am a foodie. I love food. Cooking is rarely a chore for me. Then a year ago, life dropped a bomb smack where it hurts the most for me: My five-year-old suddenly developed a severe life-threatening allergic reaction to eggs. It affected me deeply. Personally. Not just as a concerned mom, but this allergy took one of my greatest passions and prevented me from indulging. So we developed a pact that helped us both get through this together…


My mother walked out of my life and never looked back: How to move on from parental abandonment

I always get irrationally angry when people post pictures on Facebook with captions like, "A Mother's Love is Forever," and "Nothing Is Stronger Than The Bond Between Mother and Child." What a bunch of bullshit. My mother walked out of my life years ago, and never looked back. So how do I deal with it? How does one cope with the loss of a parent not to death, but by parental abandonment? Like this…


How do I decide to be a homemaker… and feel good about it?

I live on the East Coast. My partner lives on the West Coast. So far, the distance has been manageable. Here is the other catch: He was initially the one considering moving, but has incredible career prospects where he is living. One that will bring in enough income that I wouldn't have to work.

How can I reconcile my fears about becoming a homemaker?


In praise of the "Weird Moms"

We've all seen it: tenacious and spectacular women — those whom Kerouac would call The Mad Ones — rounding their edges after their children were born, getting lost in chasing small beasts around with rags and screaming their burning questions about the status of little hands; are they washed or not?! Those of us who occupy the role of Weird Mom have a very difficult job cut out for us…