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Creating a creepy year-round house that doesn't feel "Halloweeny"

By on Sep 21st
Okay, FINE. I'm sure these skeletal flamingos are meant to be a halloween thing, but do we really have to limit creepy/kitschy to the month of October? Can't we gently spook the neighbors year-round?

Okay, FINE. I'm sure these skeletal flamingos are meant to be a halloween thing, but do we really have to limit creepy/kitschy to the month of October? Can't we gently spook the neighbors year-round?

We actually got TWO questions concerning this home decorating conundrum…

So hubs and I love nothing more than monsters, Halloween, and fall in general.

How do I tie that all in to a general year round house theme without just putting up Halloween decorations all year? (…With the exception of our extensive Spooky Town collection that will OF COURSE be up all year). -Kaci


The husband and I want to add more gore, horror, zombies and skeletons in our decor. Unfortunately, I'm finding it difficult to find many of such home accents outside of Halloween decorations. Although they're fun, most Halloween decorations aren't the best quality and are not meant to be used all year.

I can find pieces if I search thought Etsy, but does anyone know of a store that actually sells terrifying home decor? -Meghann

Oh, you mean OTHER than using a bonesaw for your pastries? Our best advice would be to avoid home decor items that include orange, black, and plastic. The combination of these three things inevitably feel both distinctly Halloweeny, and very much like temporary seasonal decor. Perhaps you can aim for monsters and creepiness year-round, but using the more traditional seasonal colors — deep green and bloody red ghouls in the winter, pale pastel gauzy ghostly creatures in the spring, bright saturated orange, red, and green zombies in the summer?

Let's see what we can scheme up, on the fly…

The Neatoshop sells some horror-themed home items. Even though they have a Halloween shop, it's best to find items that aren't made specifically for Halloween. Like these…

Neatorama has a lot of great horror decor, including this black rose and skull wreath.

The porcelain Natural Curiosities Jars feature some ominous animals (say that three times fast) and since it's porcelain, they'll last a long time.

Natural Curiosities also makes dinner plates with flies, octopodes, spiders and stag beetles! I love love LOVE these.

If those Natural Curiosities plates don't freak you out enough, what about these human anatomy plates? If you don't want to eat off of them, I like the idea of using them as wall art!

Here's an anatomical heart pencil holder that can also work as a vase.

How about a little horror decor in your bathroom with a pinup vibe, like this Zombie Fishnet Shower Curtain in green and red.

Hang your favorite horror novel as art on the wall: In these pieces from Neatorama the negative space from the actual text of Bram Stoker's Dracula recreates an iconic character from the book.

These eyeball salt and pepper shakers make ME horrified and delighted.

If you're looking for more shocking horror-themed kitchen items, this voodoo doll toothpick holder is cracking me up. I like it's stitched up mouth.

Grey walls with these fabric bat details would just PERFECT any horror/gothic space.

The fact that this cookie jar is pink and not orange and black or what not, means that this totally doesn't scream "seasonal cookie jar you only bring out during Halloween." Also, pink skull = adorable.

If you know what to look for, Amazon can be a great place to find great horror decor:

Cover your lampshades with the creepy but elegant lampshade drape.

I've seen skull decanters before, but this is the first time I've seen a zombie head decanter! I love its exposed brain parts.

This is probably my favorite idea in non-cheesy horror decor — skull door knobs.

I all kinds of dig this dragon wall sconce from Amazon. But, you could easily take cost-effective wall sconces from discount furniture stores and spray paint them black, stick drippy candles in them, adding some gothic ambiance to your space.

Amazon even has that bloody bathmat and bloody shower curtain that went viral not too long ago.

But let's open it up to our darker-minded Offbeat Homies: how can you keep the creepy spirit in your home year-round, without just looking like you forgot to take down your Halloween decorations?

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