Hilarious and stupid (in a good way!) home decor accents

By on Aug 3rd

It's a mix tape! It's a pillow! IT'S A MIXTAPE PILLOW!

Ok, fine: you don't want to over-do it with ridiculous novelty shit in your house. But a few stupidly hilarious accents here and there? Come on. I know you're feeling me on some Pac-Man wall decals or Hitchcockian bloody bathmat. Come with me while I pick out the best of the novelty mish-mash from Perpetual Kid, including soft-serve laps, retro door-stops, TARDIS USB hub, and the perfect Edgar Allan Poe painting for your goth foyer…

As always with this sort of thing, click the image for more info!

Giant ice cream cone lamp, available in strawberry or vanilla.

THIS WAY, MEN! Green army man door stop

Edgar Allen Poe oil painting, perfect for your gothic foyer

Because sometimes, you're sick of fighting the inevitable

Doctor Who TARDIS USB hub wants to get timey-wimey with your peripherals.

Ok, ok. I'll stop now. Like I said: you have to be very careful with novelty home decor… one minute you're like "HA HA RETRO ARMY MEN DOOR STOP!" and the next minute you're all "OMG WUT, YOU DON'T LIKE MY SUNSHINE RAINBOW YARN LATCH KIT!?"