My super easy bathroom/bedroom contemporary update: like putting a v-neck sweater over a gnarly sweat-stained tee

Guestpost by Marion Selfridge on Apr 11th

The VERY bright result in the bedroom!

I moved into my "new to me" condo nearly two years ago. Loved almost everything about it but the very 1970s bathroom.

Beige tiles with brown sunflowers? Almond fixtures! Textured wallpaper!?! I hated that every time I sat down to pee I saw how someone has done a shitty job taking out a shower door and just didn't know how to fix it on my own. I was overwhelmed by the cost and time it takes to renovate a bathroom (new tub? bathroom cabinet? someone who knows how to tile? what kind of taps?) so I waited.

Oh, the the textured wallpaper!

Finally I realized I could do a few small things and transform! For $150 I painted the tiles using a brick and tile primer and water-proof paint, peeled off the wallpaper, scraped off the old silicon caulk and sealant, patched the walls and painted them a neutral off-white called "Popcorn."

New white silicone caulk brought some challenges

The v-neck sweater-esque bathroom after shot: more conservative, but looks much better.

but hours of entertaining caulk/cock jokes. My boyfriend thinks I've given the bathroom a v-neck sweater, making it much more conservative than it was. I think the walls make the almond tub, toilet and sink blend in better and the blue accents pop!

Bedroom before I gave my love to it.

The bedroom is a lovely cool blue, calming but a little dark at times. I found the most incredible painting of the British Columbia interior in fall, with the salmon spawning in the foreground.

The VERY bright result!

I wanted to play with those autumn colours or reds, oranges and yellows and chose new bedding from my favourite sheet store. Now the room is bright and cheery and a pleasure to sleep and snuggle in.

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After lots of gypsy travelling in the US and SE Asia, Marion committed to living in lovely Victoria, British Columbia and works as an outreach worker at the Victoria Youth Clinic. She also teaches Nia and Bellyfit classes weekly and performs burlesque with the Cheesecake Burlesque Review.