Eavesdropping: one of the many joys of city living

By on Mar 7th

Callbox © by findfado, used under Creative Commons license.

Our condo faces onto a courtyard, and when the windows are open there's definitely a little Melrose Place action that happens. We hear neighbors coming and going, having sex, spanking each other, etc. It's always entertaining.

We can also hear the callbox at the front gate. Here's one recent example that Dre and I heard, as we sat on the couch staring each other silently with wide eyes that said, "Don't start laughing! They'll hear you!"

Male resident's voice over callbox: Hello?
Male guest at gate [coyly]: Are you decent?
Resident: …Uh, who is this?
Guest: Oh no, I totally dialed the wrong unit!
Resident: Uh, ok.

Different male resident's voice over callbox: …There you are!
Guest [uses exact same line!]: Are you decent?
[sound of gate being unlocked]

So, are YOU decent? Tell me the most awesome things you've overheard from your neighbors. NOTE: I said MOST AWESOME. This is NOT an invitation to bitch about your neighbors.