Cheer up a grumpy home with help from Sacred Flow, feng shui and spiritual flow consultant

By on Feb 3rd

When your home doesn't work right, your life doesn't work right. Offbeat Home's newest sponsor, Marjory Mejia of Sacred Flow, studies the flow of buildings and our interactions with them, and helps people all over the world create living spaces that enhance their lives.

Marjory's an architect, artist, and spiritualist who uses shamanic knowledge and feng shui to create homes that work for people feeling stuck, unorganized, or unfocused. Part of this practice includes making sacred mandala art, which is an idea I love. (If you dig them, too, she's running a giveaway right now that I'll talk about in a bit!)

I signed up for the Sacred Flow newsletter so I could download the The Bathroom as a Sacred Space ebook — which is a damn good read! Marjory opines on bathrooms' slurred name, juxtaposed with their necessary and enjoyable purposes in our lives, then she offers thoughtful response questions to guide you through finding your home, and finishes up with concrete, good-idea improvements.

The first three things I see in my bathroom: red first aid hit, pink sink, bright tiny window.

Marjory has an interesting way of approaching practical problems. Her deliberate, spirit-lifting ideas lead to design schemes more intentional than the trail-and-error we so often practice on troubled rooms. ("Maybe if I put my couch at one end of the long living room, and the TV at the other? …Okay, what if we halve that?" "…And slide the couch stage left four inches.")

Between her weekly posts and ebook, Marjory provides a LOT of information — in applying what I learned from the Bathrooms PDF, I've defined a LOT of changes I want to bring to my much-battled studio room that'll make me and it get along better.

Marjory also runs WAY more in-depth video conferences, like guided explorations of the Mandala Magic sessions. These sessions provide one-on-one conversations, spiritual focusing, and personalized energy flow charts.

Putting intention into the systems of your home is important and will help you escape the disrupted home that will not help you reach your goals, be more productive, or be awesome.
Think about what you'd like to improve in your home, then click over and download the Bathroons as Sacred Space ebook for helpful instruction on making bathrooms more rejuvenating. Be sure to read Marjory's thoughts on the power of spaces that fill you with awe on her blog. If you need to, Meet with Marjory over video for comprehensive, collaborative meditation sessions on your home and how you work with it.

Marjory's offering a 10% discount on services for Offbeat Home readers. Everyone who signs up for her newsletter this month is entered to win The Womb of Life Mandala, a piece of art mounted on a 7×7 plaque.

This information will take a little time to process, so set aside a tea break for yourself and think of Marjory's Sacred Flow desisn as a spa appointment for your living space.

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